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Below are answers to the most common questions posed to us.
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All of MTa’s kits are supplied complete with;

  • The materials needed to run the task
  • A facilitator’s manual containing:

– A comprehensive facilitator’s guide, Facilitator’s notes specific to each activity, Re-usable participants’ briefs, Participants’ worksheets to help develop the learning and transfer the learning into daily life, Access to worksheets online

So for example, if you buy an MTa Team Kit you will receive 2 holdalls (bags) of MTa Team Kit components together with 7 manuals which contain facilitator guides, encapsulated participants’ briefs, review sheets and learning transfer sheets. All the components are reusable and you can download additional copies of all the worksheets from our website.

+ What is the difference between the MTa Team Kit, MTa Insights and MTa Mini?

The key differences are:

    • MTa Insights is our most flexible package offering insights into and development in almost all of the qualities required by team members and leaders. Most of the activities are short (15mins to 1 hour), so often 2 or 3 activities can be run back to back. Even though the components are large, about half of the tasks are designed to be done on a small table (approx 0.75 sq m).
    • The MTa Team Kit is excellent for introducing and developing a broad range of team skills and some aspects of leadership. The large scale materials are very easy to use and engage everyone in the tasks. Participants recognise areas for personal improvement very easily in the 30 – 60 minutes tasks making it very easy to facilitate learning. Including the reviews, the activities take 2+ hrs to run and need about 10 sq m of floor space per working group
    • MTa Mini is ideal when space is at a real premium. It offers the opportunity to introduce all the basics of team skills with minimal space. Another benefit of MTa Mini is that its scale allows several teams to interact in a normal sized training room, we have therefore used these materials as the basis for several activities that focus on working across boundaries.
An expansion pack is a set of MTa components that allows you to run activities with larger groups without having to buy an additional complete MTa Kit. Each original Kit can support one expansion pack.

+ Can I rent / hire training materials from MTa Learning?

Yes, you may hire our experiential learning tools, this can be useful if you’re working with large groups (e.g. 25 – 250). Due to the cost of return carriage, this service is usually only viable within the UK but sometimes arrangements can be made for users elsewhere, so give us a call to discuss + 44 (0) 1937 844 800.
When you buy an MTa Kit, you automatically become a licensed user of that Kit and can display an MTa licensed user badge on your website and promotional material. There is no formal training or further cost involved. To receive the badge, please contact us.

+ How do I become a Certified User of MTa training materials?

We hold MTa Certification workshops throughout the world. These workshops are not mandatory but they’ll enable you to make full potential of your investment.

+ What’s the best way to pack an MTa Team Kit?

We’ve found that the best way to pack up an MTa Team Kit is to use the panels to reinforce the sides of the bag and then fill it with the remaining components. We’ve even made a video to show you how.

+ What do the facilitator manuals contain?

The facilitator manuals are written to enable competent facilitators to run the activities without any further training. Each facilitator manual contains;

  • A Facilitator’s guide that explains:

-all the key elements of the activity;         -an overview;         -preparation of the room;         -any support materials required;         -suggested timings;         -role of the facilitator;         -suggested review and learning transfer processes.

  • Re-usable participants’ briefs.
  • Learning review and learning transfer worksheets (can also be downloaded from our website).

+ How big are the MTa Components?

  • MTa Team Kit: There are two lengths of tube: 35 and 15cm long both 5 cm in diameter. The square panels are 40 x 40cm. Each bag of MTa Team Kit components weighs about 10kg. Two bags of components make up 1 MTa Team Kit.
  • MTa Insights: There are 5 lengths of girder, the longest is 72cm. Each bag of MTa Insights components weighs about 8kg. Two bags of components make up 1 MTa Insights.
  • MTa PASS: There are 5 lengths of girder, the longest is 72cm. A bag of MTa PASS components weighs about 8kg.
  • MTa Mini: Most of the tubes are 7cm long, some are shorter.
  • MTa KanDo Lean: Most of the tubes are 7cm long: the 90o curved tubes form an arc with a 7cm radius.
  • MTa Select There are five lengths of straight tube tubes, varying between 10 and 35cm and 15cm long. The 90o curved tubes form an arc with a 35cm radius. Each bag of MTa Select components weighs about 9kg. Two holdalls of components make up 1 MTa Select.

+ Where are the MTa Components made?

The components are made to exacting standards in Europe. Most are made from high grade plastic (polypropylene or glass-filled polypropylene) and they are very durable.

+ I’ve lost a component, can you send me another?

Yes, we can supply replacements, just contact us.

+ What do the activities involve?

Each activity is divided into the task and the ‘Learning Arena’. The task involves group work often with the MTa components and provides the platform for learning. The ‘Learning Arena’ is the review process, here learning is developed through reflection, review and discussion, usually guided by the facilitator but based on worksheets. Each activity is categorised by its conceptual level (e.g. introductory) and its predicted discussion topics (e.g. Importance of planning) and target learning opportunities (e.g. Building on ideas).

+ Can I try the MTa training materials before I buy them?

Yes, we run MTa Experience workshops throughout the UK and MTa Masterclasses in the rest of the world. The workshops have been designed to give you the opportunity to participate in activities using the materials and find out how to use them effectively.
Give us a call to find out more or book your place + 44 (0) 1937 844 800.

+ Who are MTa’s materials designed for?

MTa’s experiential learning and development materials are used by trainers and facilitators in over 100 countries, by 1000s of the world’s most demanding organisations. MTa’s materials are designed for anyone aged between 8 and 80 although the majority are used with people aged 15 and over. Remarkably, the same tasks can engage school pupils and senior managers / professors, but the style and content of the learning review processes are different. MTa’s materials are designed to appeal to people from all walks of life, no matter their culture or creed.

+ How many people are the activities suitable for?

There is flexibility with the numbers, but most activities can be used with groups of between 8 and 16. Some can be used with groups as few as 3, others with as many as 24. The facilitator’s guides provide full details. In experiential learning it is critical that everyone has, and feels that they have a useful role to play so the number of people taking part in each activity is important. Give us a call to discuss + 44 (0) 1937 844 800.

+ Are MTa activities suitable for large groups?

Yes, when working with larger groups usually several groups can be run in parallel. By ordering an expansion pack of components, you can double the number of participants who can take part. All our activities are designed so that every participant can be fully involved- it is important not to run an activity with teams that are too large, because participants might use this as an excuse for not being fully involved, reducing their learning opportunities. For very large groups such as company away days and graduate inductions we run and /or supply specific activities, give us a call to discuss + 44 (0) 1937 844800.

+ As the facilitator, do I need any training before running an activity?

No, MTa’s kits are designed to be used by any competent facilitator who understands the principles behind experiential learning and is able to help participants; draw out and develop their own learning during a group discussion; and make links between their learning and their daily life and or work.The facilitator manuals provide background information and all the details needed to run each activity. Although not essential, many people find it extremely useful to attend one of our training courses.
Give us a call to find out more or book your place + 44(0) 1937 844 800.

+ As a facilitator, how do I choose which activity to run?

There are several criteria to bear in mind;

    • The overall purpose of the event.
    • The learning objectives of; the participants; and if relevant, their managers; and the organisation.
    • The relevant experience and skills of the participants (both with experiential learning and the subject matter) and the diversity of the group.
    • The context of the learning (what is happening before and after the activity).
    • The number of participants.
    • The time and space available.

When you have a clear understanding of these elements, compare them with the information provided within the facilitator’s manual to help you decide on an activity. Alternatively, please give us a call and we will help you decide +44 (0) 1937 844800.

+ What is the difference between the activity levels; introductory; intermediate; and advanced?

The grading of an activity refers to the level of skills, attitudes, approaches and behaviours that an activity is designed to address. For example, an introductory communication activity might address the basics of effective communication within a team, whereas an advanced communication activity will require effective communication within a team but it may also address communication across multiple, remote teams. The level of activity does not refer to the physical complexity of putting components together. None of our activities favour or require engineering ability. The conceptual level of the learning from the activity has no relationship with the technical difficult of the task. Some of the tasks that require the least skill with the components are the most conceptually demanding from a learning perspective.

+ As the facilitator, what preparation do I need to do before running an activity?

Before running an activity, you should;

  • Have a clear understanding of the learning objectives (the participants’ and if relevant their managers’ and the organisation’s).
  • Decide which activity will best meet these learning objectives (information to help make this decision is provided in the facilitator’s manuals).
  • Read and follow the advice given in the appropriate facilitator’s notes.
  • Decide how the learning will be drawn out and developed during the learning review.
  • Check that you have all the necessary support materials, components, briefs, worksheets etc.

+ As the facilitator, do I need any additional materials to run an activity?

No, your MTa training Kit includes everything you need to run an activity. Worksheets are provided in the Facilitator’s manual, but you will need to copy or print the number you need. You might also need standard support materials such as a flip chart and pens etc.

+ How long do the activities take to run?

Different activities are different lengths. Each activity involves the task and the learning review process. Most tasks take between 10 and 40 minutes, some a little longer. However, the time taken for a learning review varies greatly depending on the aims of the facilitator and participants. The review process involves individual review questionnaires, group discussion and relating learning back to the workplace. Facilitators should plan to spend at least as long on this as running the task. Therefore, a complete activity (task + review) can take anywhere between 15 minutes and half a day. As a general rule, the more able the group, the longer the learning review will take, a short task can provide a catalyst for an in-depth and challenging discussion.
Give us a call to discuss activity timings + 44 (0) 1937 844 800.

+ As a facilitator, what do I have to do during a task?

Usually nothing but observing and making notes of incidents and actions that are most likely to offer learning for the group. You should also police the rules- the rules are there specifically to help develop the learning opportunities so they should be enforced. Additionally, in some tasks there is a role for a customer and the facilitator is asked to take this role (full details are provided in the facilitator’s notes).

+ How do I pay?

You can pay:

  • online using a credit or debit card
  • by requesting an invoice and transferring the money by BACS or calling with your card details

+ Which currencies do you accept?

Our standard invoicing currency is GB Pounds Sterling, but we also accept USD and Euro.

+ What methods of payment can I use?

We accept payment via;

  • BACS
  • Cheque
  • Credit Card

-AMEX         -VISA         -Mastercard         -Delta         -Maestro

+ Can MTa deliver goods worldwide?

We have shipped MTa materials to over 100 countries

+ Can deliveries be tracked?

Yes we will provide you with a tracking number so you can monitor your shipment’s progress throughout its journey.

+ How much does shipping cost and how long will it take?

We typically carry all materials in stock and within 24 hours. We ask for advance payment on all international orders. If your order is urgent please call us and we will do our best to help.
Shipping is included in the price of the kit. Please see delivery estimate by region below:
Region Delivery Estimate* Additional Information
UK 1-2 days Delivery by road – next day service
Europe – EU 2-5 days Delivery by road – EU VAT # must be provided for VAT exemption
Europe – Non EU 3-5 days Delivery by road
Rest of the World 3-5 days Airfreight – A surcharge may be applied to shipping of expansion packs
* Our couriers enjoy a very high success rate all around the world, the vast majority of orders are delivered within these estimates.

All our shipments go DAP unless otherwise agreed. This means your delivery charge covers door to door carriage but excludes local taxes and duties.

The timely dispatch and delivery of all MTa Materials is managed by Claire Baker.

If you have any questions or concerns about shipping your materials please call +44 (0)1937 844800 or email

+ Do your prices include VAT?

No VAT (UK sales Tax @ 20%) is not included in our prices. If you order materials for delivery in the UK 20% VAT will be added to your invoice. If you are visiting the UK and wish to purchase materials during your stay please call + 44 (0) 1937 844800 to find out we can help

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