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Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms

Our home language is British English. We try to use terms that are understood internationally, but we know that some terms are used in different ways in different places.

To ensure common understanding our definitions of words we commonly use are:

Experiential or Activity Based Learning: Learning through personal experience or activity. See the article on this website which explains experiential learning in more detail.
Task: A problem that a group has to solve as part of a learning activity. The way the group tackles this problem provides the platform for learning.
Learning Review: Time spent reflecting on a task, identifying potential learning opportunities, discussing and developing ideas for improvement and deciding how to test out or implement learning. Tasks are always followed by a learning review.
Learning Transfer: Time spent making links between an individuals’ learning in the ‘classroom’ and their daily life, and planning how to make best use of that learning.
Learning Arena™: The combination of all aspects of the learning review, learning transfer and testing the learning in ‘daily life’.
Activity: An ‘activity’ is a complete unit of learning, i.e. a task and the Learning Arena. It will include individual thought, group discussions etc.
Manual: A binder containing all of the support documentation; facilitator guide, briefs, worksheets etc.
Facilitator Guide: The information needed by a facilitator to enable him/her to make best use of the learning materials.
Components: The polypropylene (a high grade of plastic) pieces MTa supplies that are used within the tasks.
Holdalls: The soft-sided bags that contain the components.
Materials: Everything that a facilitator needs to run an activity (components, briefs, worksheets etc.).
Package: The units that we sell materials in, e.g. MTa Team KIT, MTa Insights, MTa Select, MTa KanDo Lean.

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