Deliver practical experiences and develop soft skills

MTa’s experiential training kits are well-placed to help you deliver practical experiences that allow participants to develop those soft skills while taking part in the kind of hands-on activities they enjoy.  Using versatile kits to carry out short activities, participants gain skills to work on problem-solving, team-building and the art of stepping back from the “coalface” to supervise, direct and ultimately lead.

That’s why leading companies like Saudi Aramco, Shell, Rio Tinto and EDF are already using MTa’s approach to build skills. Engineers love the kits because they get to design and build complicated structures with limited resources. But they learn from activities that replicate complex engineering processes and social challenges in a safe environment.

Develop leadership skills, project management and team-building

Saudi oil major Saudi Aramco has used Equipación del equipo MTa exercises to help with team integration when bringing together their own team with external contractors.

Mining companies from Australia to Central Asia have used MTa activities to develop leadership skills, project management and team-building. The activities replicate some of the challenges faced in team and project management, including those where teams need to collaborate or complete project handovers.

You could use an activity like Over the Bridge, where teams compete on a complex logistical task to enable participants to develop a focus on quality, as well a building team-working and communication skills.

“They are the best and most innovative training materials that I have used and they really do WORK,” says  Lisa Running, Training & Development Manager, EDF Contracting Services, part of the French utilities giant EDF.

A highly effective and practical insight into coaching skills

Other natural resources companies have used MTa activities to help build coaching capacity. Habilidades de Coaching de MTA is a complete experiential workshop in one package. It enables line managers to understand and develop the attitudes, skills and behaviours required for the day to day informal coaching of others.

“A highly effective and practical insight into coaching skills. It really ensures people understand the key constituents,” says Bob Morton, of Ciba Specialty Chemicals, now part of BASF.

If you’re not sure which activities best suit your aims, MTa’s expert staff are on hand to advise and can help you craft your own bespoke activities to meet your exact needs.

All the dealings I have had with the MTa team have been excellent and the products are fantastic – what more could I ask for? says Maz Walters from UK utility British Gas.

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