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Communication Activities – Experiential Learning Kits

Helping teams and individuals improve their communication skills through experiential learning.

MTa Insights is the ultimate trainer’s resource

Activities designed to successfully develop attitudes and behaviours associated with effective communication.

Develop communication skills with the MTa Team Kit

Engaging and thought provoking activities that encourage and support a wide range of interpersonal and team skills.

With MTa Mini Crossing Boundaries you can deliver:

5 demanding activities raising key issues associated with people communicating across boundaries.

How can I use MTa’s Communication activities to develop communication skills?

Effective communication involves explaining succinctly, instructing accurately and using unambiguous language. Yet although it is useful to understand the theory of effective communication, whether written or verbal, communication is a practical skill. Therefore to make significant improvements, practical experience is necessary.

MTa’s Communication activities have been specifically designed to move beyond the ‘technicalities’ of communication and develop a wide range of communication skills through experiential learning. The engaging tasks and thought provoking review process demand, test and challenge participants and can be used across all levels of an organisation. MTa have developed a wide range of Communication games & exercises to develop communications skills.

Read more about how you can use MTa activities to develop communication skills here.

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