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Lean Processing Game – Experiential Learning Tool

Improve business performance through lean processing.

Improving efficiency thorough lean processing

Get people excited about the benefits of lean, and help them understand the fundamental principles.

How can I use MTa’s Lean Processing activities to embed lean thinking?

Lean processing involves determining what generates value in a process and removing or reducing the steps which don’t. By reducing waste of materials, time and energy, production time is reduced and profits are increased.

MTa KanDo Lean is an activity based learning pack which focuses on customer service through Lean Processing. It is a table top activity suitable for anyone in the office, factory or supply chain who needs to understand or influence customer service, process improvement and balancing workloads. The key concepts of ‘lean’ are progressively introduced and participants are driven to think for themselves and challenge existing ideas, approaches and behaviours. Finally, the learning is consolidated and linked to the workplace.

Read more about using MTa KanDo Lean to embed lean thinking here

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