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Problem Solving Activities – Experiential Learning Kits

MTa’s problem solving activities provide facilitators with everything they need to focus participants’ attention on what it is about their personal and team approach that helps and inhibits their ability to define and solve problems.

MTa Insights

MTa Insights contains 6 unique problem solving activities. Use them to gain insights into personal approaches and blocks to problem solving and confront, understand and identify ways to overcome them.

Facilitate effective problem solving with MTa’s experiential learning activities

Problems in the workplace are inevitable, therefore being able to solve them quickly and effectively is essential. Many people understand the basics of problem solving, yet still struggle to find solutions to problems. Common challenges include; failing to fully understand the problem before seeking solutions; seeing what you expect to see, not what is actually there; not isolating the problem from insignificant surroundings; and not seeing the whole context.

MTa’s Problem Solving activities & games drive individuals to discover what helps and hinders problem solving so they can solve problems more effectively. Each problem solving game & activity involves engaging tasks and a thought provoking review process.

Read more about how you can use MTa activities for Problem solving here.

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