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Project Management Activities – Experiential Learning Kits

Understanding the fundamentals of project management and how attitudes and approaches can help and hinder a project management team.

MTa Mini Crossing Boundaries

It’s all too easy for the task to take over and for the overall aim to be forgotten…planning is paramount. The Rig is a classic project management activity in which the group has to organise itself and work across different locations.

MTa Insights

Participants have to clarify project aims and priorities before working out how to use and bring together each other’s personal strengths to meet a customer’s needs…The activity is Maxi Market, from the Leadership 3 manual.

How can I use MTa’s Project Management activities to manage projects effectively?

Project management involves creating clear attainable objectives, building the project requirements, and managing cost, time, and scope. However, it is often not a lack of knowledge that hinders people from managing projects effectively, but the difficulty in applying that knowledge in complex situations.

Through taking part in MTa’s Project Management activities & games, participants understand the fundamentals of project management, how they can help and hinder the project and therefore how to manage projects more effectively. With the wide range of project management resources available through MTa, you can develop you project management skills.

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