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Activities to Develop Team Skills – Experiential Learning Kits

Develop team skills through experiential learning.

Develop a wide range of interpersonal and team skills with the MTa Team Kit

The most popular kit for developing team skills; enable team members to develop the skills required when working effectively with others.

Achieve more effective team working with MTa Insights

Activities from MTa Insights gives participants the opportunity to develop the attitudes and behaviours that lead to more effective team working.

With MTa Mini Essentials you can deliver more effective team skills.

Suitable for those with limited space available, these table top activities introduce the essential elements of working with others in a business context.

How can I use MTa’s Team Skills activities to develop my teams’ skills?

For team members to work together effectively, a wide range of interpersonal and team skills are required. Interpersonal skills such as; listening; assertiveness; expressing ideas; and asking questions, and team skills such as; planning; conflict resolution; and decision making are all vital.

MTa’s Team development activities provide everything you need to develop these skills and more.

The team development activities cover all levels of learning from introductory to advanced and involve engaging tasks and a thought provoking review process. Each task has been carefully designed to recreate the issues which help and hinder effective team working. While during the review process, the issues raised are discussed before following a step by step approach to improvement.

Read more about how you can use MTa activities to develop team skills here.

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