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MTa International

MTa International is the old name of MTa Learning. Under the MTa International name we supplied and developed experiential learning materials and training resources, including The MTa KIT, MTa Maxi Plus, MTa Maxi Leadership and MTa MINI.

In 2009 MTa International changed its name to MTa Learning but the objective of the organisation remained the same: To improve the performance of businesses and organisations through people development.

MTa Learning retained the distinct but closely related arms of MTa International:

– Providing consultancy and running people development programmes

– The design, development and supply of activity based training and assessment materials

MTa Learning continues to develop new products and update existing materials.

All of the activities supplied by MTa International are available from MTa Learning, but when the name of the business changed we also updated the name of some of our products:-

MTa International Product Name MTa Learning Product Name
MTa KIT MTa Team Kit
MTa Maxi Plus MTa Insights now incorporates upgraded versions of MTa Maxi Plus and MTa Maxi Leadership activities. If you have an old MTa Maxi Plus or MTa Maxi Leadership these kits can be upgraded to an MTa Insights. Contact us for details.

The updated equivalent of an MTa Maxi Plus is a Standard MTa Insights with Team Working Level 2, Communication, Problem Solving, Business Priorities and Performing for Excellence.

The updated equivalent of MTa Maxi Leadership is a Standard MTa Insights with Leadership 1, Leadership 2 and Leadership 3.

MTa Maxi Leadership

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