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Experiential Learning Activities for Professional Services

How can MTa help people in professional services?

In professional services the people are the product. High performing people equal a high performing business. Expectations are high; people need to be innovative; they need to communicate effectively with clients; and they need to collaborate effectively within a project team, both internally and externally. The Professional services sector contains many ambitious and talented people, but while they are technically gifted, improving their people skills to match can make the difference between success and failure.
MTa’s range of experiential learning activities will test even the brightest minds in your business and give them an opportunity to develop the skills and attitudes required to perform in a high pressure fast moving environment.

Recommended Products

Specifically designed to help more able teams capitalise on the benefits of collaboration and cooperation. MTa New Dimensions will test even the brightest minds.

53 activities in areas such as leadership, problem solving, and negotiation. Business Priorities and Performing for Excellence are particularly suitable for high performers.

A set of 5 demanding activities that develop the team and leadership skills needed when working across functional, hierarchical, geographical and historical boundaries.

How can MTa’s experiential learning tools and consultancy services help professional services?

MTa Learning’s activities are widely used in professional services. A top London law firm in London recently used MTa’s activities to improve back office performance while we’re currently working with the client side staff of one the world’s biggest technology consultancies . MTa’s Director Jamie Thompson has a background in professional services and is well suited to answer any questions you might have about how MTa can help you and your organisation.

Our clients include:

  • KPMG
  • PWC
  • IBM
  • AON Consulting

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