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Experiential Learning Activities for Primary and Secondary School Students

How can MTa’s experiential learning tools help students?

Students are taught how to pass exams and the knowledge needed to progress through school. But how do they learn the attitudes and skills needed to make the most of their potential? MTa has taken 30 years of experience helping the world’s leading organisations develop their people and developed a kit especially for young people, MTa PASS. It is a training kit that has been specifically designed to help young people develop the attitudes and skills they need to build on their potential.

Potential x Attitude x Skill = Success

The experiential learning activities have been designed so that they are enjoyable, challenging and students are motivated to complete them. Students must apply many different skills and then reflect upon what happened before developing their own strategies for improvement. They then have the chance to test their strategies in a new activity and can develop and improve. The attitudes and skills they learn and develop in the activity can then be applied at school, in the workplace and in wider life. MTa PASS learning activities are suitable for all students aged 8-18 and have been used by a variety of students with special needs, able, gifted and talented students, for year 7 inductions, preparation for work experience and PHSE and Citizenship classes.

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An engaging and remarkably flexible experiential learning package for young people aged 8 – 18. Includes 17 activities to develop team and leadership skills.

What experience does MTa have in schools?

MTa PASS has been used in many different schools throughout the country and has received excellent feedback. A group at Lancaster University published a study on MTa PASS which can read about here. MTa PASS has also been used at a deaf school and you can read the case study here.

Schools currently using MTa Pass include:

  • William De Ferrers School
  • Oxford English Academy
  • St Benedict’s Infant School
  • St. John’s Catholic School for the Deaf

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