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Topic: Development

Why the Paralympics are really the main event

The Olympic Games …were a wonderful celebration of sporting...

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Which is the toughest team sport? Why?

Which is the toughest team sport? Or put another...

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Stimulating thought through social media

My positive experiences and challenges faced through using Twitter...

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How can bits of plastic help with personal and organisational growth?

QA, is one of the UK’s leading learning providers....

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Is it possible to develop team skills in just one hour?

This case study uses the example of a lesson...

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How to encourage learning and development, lessons from parenthood!

Much of my understanding of facilitation has been gleaned...

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Developing others’ soft skills can be hard: why?

By Martin Thompson, MTa Founder For over 30 years...

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Transformation of In-House Training at Ooredoo, Oman

Requirements: Ooredoo (formerly Nawras) is a tier one telecom...

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Global Roll out of a Bespoke Experiential Activity

Requirements: an experiential activity, delivered within just 3 weeks...

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MTa certification programme at RAF Halton

Aim: 5 facilitators from RAF Halton to complete the...

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