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Topic: Training

The Biggest Personal Challenge for Facilitators?

Facilitating is an enabling role. It’s a role within...

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7 Traps to avoid when facilitating experiential learning activities with young people

Facilitating experiential learning activities with young people presents some...

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Beyond the Ropes – Principles of facilitating experiential learning

Beyond the ropes explains 14 principles of experiential learning....

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Which is the toughest team sport? Why?

Which is the toughest team sport? Or put another...

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Stimulating thought through social media

My positive experiences and challenges faced through using Twitter...

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US Air Force Adopt MTa Kando Lean

  The US Air Force have adopted Kando Lean...

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Experiential Learning Case Study – Team and Leadership Activities

Requirements: 5P’s are one of Portugal’s leading providers of...

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How to engage people in learning

People who are engaged learn more, but how can...

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Developing others’ soft skills can be hard: why?

By Martin Thompson, MTa Founder For over 30 years...

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How to become a better facilitator

How did MTa Learning’s Founder Martin Thompson learn to...

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