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MTa Mini Crossing Boundaries

  • Drive performance in complex environments

  • Develop the skills for working, leading and managing across boundaries

  • Stimulating. Absorbing. Challenging.

  • "Works brilliantly with demanding groups"

5 demanding activities that develop the team and leadership skills needed when working across functional, hierarchical, geographical and historical boundaries

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With MTa Mini Crossing Boundaries you can deliver 5 demanding activities that develop the team working and leadership skills needed when working across functional, hierarchical, geographical and historical boundaries.

All of the activities are tabletop and most raise issues associated with people working together on a task whilst they are physically separated.

A comprehensive facilitator guide that includes:-

  • Facilitators' overview and summary
  • Facilitators notes for each activity
  • Hard wearing and reusable participant and observer briefs
  • Reusable activity review questionnaires
  • Learning transfer documentation
  • Online access to the MTa resource database so you can download, edit and print any of the worksheets

3 trays of MTa Mini components including enough material for up to 15 participants

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MTa Mini Crossing Boundaries review
  • Overall rating
... they really do WORK.
Lisa Running, Training & Development Manager, EDF Contracting Services

The best and most innovative training materials that I have used and they really do WORK.

Lisa Running, Training & Development Manager, EDF Contracting Services
...a whole new level of what we can offer...
Alex Skelt, Steinhoff UK

We’ve found the materials useful and they have added a whole new level of what we can offer to the business.

Alex Skelt, Steinhoff UK

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MTa Mini Crossing Boundaries

MTa Mini Crossing Boundaries


1 x Set of MTa Mini components (3 trays)
plus the activity manuals:

  • Carts and Horses
  • Promises Promises
  • Words, Names and Numbers
  • The Rig
  • Transport

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Activities in MTa Mini Crossing Boundaries

Carts and Horses1 to 2 hours 8 - 15 Intermediate

Description: Using similar components, 2 or 3 teams work independently to assemble a model of their own design. Then, using only face to face, verbal and telephone communications (nothing written or drawn) each team has to build an exact replica of another team's model. The task becomes more complicated because each group only has enough components to create one model at a time.
Discussion topics:

Understanding the overall objective
Planning and revising plans
Inter-team communications
Co-operating, not competing teams
Assembling a model
Team members cooperate

Transport1 to 2 hours 8 - 12 Intermediate

Description: Two teams that work in different locations have the opportunity to meet in a third location. The teams have to work together to build an articulated truck and two skips that can be transported by the truck. One team has to build the tractor unit and a skip that can hold all of the unused materials, the other the trailer and a skip for any scrap that is produced. To be successful teams need to be aware that their actions will have an immediate effect on each other, so they must communicate and work accordingly.
Discussion topics:

Understanding the overall objective and constraints
Teams working on related tasks in different locations
Communicating effectively between inter-dependent teams
Team members work together to build
Understanding the overall objective

The Rig1 to 2 hours 6 - 15 Intermediate

Description: The aim is to make money by producing a model oil rig. The value of the oil rig depends on set criteria and everything has a cost. The group has freedom to organise itself in anyway it wishes, but there are 3 set locations (tabletops) where sub-assemblies must be made before they are moved to the final assembly area. It is all too easy for the task to take over and for the overall aim (making money) to be forgotten.
Discussion topics:

Project management
Understanding the big picture and constraints
One team working on a task but in different locations
Communicating within a team
Basic finance
Participants working on a task
Participants planning

Promises Promises2 to 3 hours 9 - 13 Advanced

Description: The leader has promised that two teams will each deliver a price and a product within a set time. Each team has different constraints, but the tasks seem achievable. Very quickly the stores become a major bottle neck and the promises become daunting. As pressure mounts the need for the manager to focus on the key issues (meeting customer needs and managing human resources) is critical.
Discussion topics:

Leading different teams at the same time
Understanding and working with priorities
Managing changing situations
Satisfying customers needs
The cost of rash promises
Team members work on product
Pressure mounts for the manager

Words, Names and Numbers1 to 2 hours 6 - 12 Advanced

Description: Initially three teams work independently to produce a product. It's easy! Later they come together as one big team, the brief combining their earlier briefs but additional constraints become the big issue. Teams fail to capitalise on the resources offered by the new 'big team' so the merging of the 'companies' delivers almost no benefit. Why? The answer almost always revolves around attitudes to change and the failure to change approaches to capitalise on the new situation.
Discussion topics:

Personal attitudes to change
The benefits of diversity
Merging teams (and organisations)
Recognising and benefiting from others' potential
Team works to produce a product
Teams come together

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