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MTa Team Kit Expansion

The most cost effective way to offer high impact experiential team activities to larger groups

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Use this expansion pack to be able to offer even more participants brilliant opportunities to improve their team skills.

This pack expands your MTa Team Kit so that you can deliver all 16 experiential activities to up to 12 extra participants.

2 large bags containing 130 large, very robust “Team Kit” components.

Shipping is included free of charge.

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We use the MTa [Team] KIT almost every other day
Training Department, Toyota Car Manufacturing
Training Department, Toyota Car Manufacturing
...more than exceeds value for money.
Gene Howell, Australian Institute of Management

We use this on our Emerging Leaders program, a 4 day residential program, which bring together some of the top upcoming leaders from companies such as SAAB, Toyota, BHP, BMW, etc. It has a tremendous dynamic in enabling people to see for themselves how team work – or don’t! Fantastic tool, well worth it, and more than exceeds value for money.

Gene Howell, Australian Institute of Management
One of the best ways to learn that I've come across
Mike Hopper, Pfizer
Mike Hopper, Pfizer
Andrew Kerry, The Boots Company

The exercises work every time – brilliant!.

Andrew Kerry, The Boots Company
People can relate their learning back to the work place.
Iain Lauder, Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University

The MTa Kit exercises work across cultures – I’ve used it with experienced managers from the Ukraine, the UK, Malaysia, from senior to more junior levels, and in multi-national groups. The learning about how teams work (compared to how they think they worked) is always clear. People can relate their learning back to the work place. People also always have fun doing the exercises – this leads to higher creativity and energy levels.

Iain Lauder, Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University
...I haven't found anything that's more effective in the market place.
Ewan Stickley, Pentland Group

I really like the MTa Kit – I have used it with a wide range of employees including senior management in the Arcadia Group and Pret A Manger and I haven’t found anything that’s more effective in the market place.

Ewan Stickley, Pentland Group

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MTa Team Kit Expansion Pack

MTa Team Kit Expansion Pack


Expand the MTa Team Kit for use with upto 12 additional participants

  • 1 x set of MTa Team Kit components (2 holdalls)
  • Only available to purchasers of an MTa Team Kit

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The 16 Activities in the MTa Team Kit

Over the Bridge2.5 to 4.5 hrs 5 - 12 Introductory

Description: Over the Bridge is an innovative way to introduce and develop team skills. It is a two part activity: part one introduces the concepts, part two provides an opportunity for performance improvement. Making a bridge and a vehicle is easy, but because the brief is deliberately ambiguous establishing and meeting the customers specification is a different matter. This emphasises the need for participants to clarify their objectives and develop plans before getting stuck into the task, but for some reason this is easier said than done..... just like being at work?
Discussion topics:

Core Team Skills
Customer Focus
Identifying Objectives
Quality Standards
Participants get stuck in to the task
Team members get stuck in

Rectangle1.5 to 2.5 hrs 6 - 12 Introductory / Intermediate

Description: The task is straightforward (although people may see it differently). The problem is that to succeed everyone who is involved must work together, keep up to date with progress, offer ideas clearly and concisely, listen and respond positively to others. As all team members wear eye-shades throughout the task increasing their sensitivity and awareness of others. This heightened awareness emphasises the impact of differing personal styles, e.g. compliant, assertive, aggressive.
Discussion topics:

Planning before acting
Revising plans as information is received
The impact of individuals' differing styles of verbal communication on others
Participants work together
Blindfolds test communication skills!

Trailer2 to 4 hrs 8 - 12 Intermediate

Description: Initially designers and builders work in separate locations but they can communicate through written messages. The management team has the overview and the workers have all the materials and information to complete the task, they just need to be 'pointed in the right direction' and encouraged to get on with the job in hand........ Why do the managers interfere and the workers acquiesce? ......... Perhaps old attitudes like "managers use their heads, workers use their hands" die hard.
Discussion topics:

Empowerment and 'letting go'
Exploring and understanding the role and responsibilities of a team member
Accepting and valuing others' ideas.
Workers investigate the materials
Management discuss the task

Digital Display1 to 2 hrs 8 - 12 Intermediate

Description: Although this powerful team working activity is done is silence it explores attitudes and approaches that influence effective communication. Everyone has a task, so looking after yourself first is tempting, and personal achievement satisfying, but what if your short-term success prevents others (and therefore the team) from completing the overall task? Working with others is one thing, but undoing your own work to help someone else may be a different matter. Team success demands that, despite the frustrations that may build as the problems unfold, individuals are; sensitive to what others are trying to achieve, aware of what everyone is actually doing, seeking ways to ensure that their personal actions enable the whole team to succeed.
Discussion topics:

Individual vs. team success
Awareness of others' needs
There are more ways to contribute to a team than providing ideas, answers and solutions
Taking responsibility for the team
Communicating the right thing in the right way when others are ready to receive the information.
Participants take responsibility
MTa Learning Team Kit components

The Frame1.5 to 2.5 hrs 8 - 12 Introductory / Intermediate

Description: Two halves of one team with different parts of the same task are separated by; a door, the knowledge that one team cannot divulge all its information, different work loads. Pressure and frustration build as effective communications diminish. If only people could step back and think...... the task becomes so easy if the sub-teams work together solve the problem of developing effective communications rather than focusing on the detail of the task.
Discussion topics:

Company vs. department objectives
The impact of splitting a team across two locations: 'out of sight, out of mind'
Involving people in decisions that affect what they have to do
Thinking 'outside the box'
Effective communications
MTa Team Kit components
Participants focus on the details

Tower2.5 to 3 hrs 4 - 6 Advanced

Description: This inter-team activity takes the concept of 'prisoners dilemma (if I help you escape first, can I trust you to help me escape afterwards?) to a new level: no matter how hard teams try, one must win unless both settle for a very poor performance. The activity demands effective analysis, clear and effective communication, leadership between teams, planning, building and retaining trust and negotiating.
Discussion topics:

Openness, honesty and trust
Communicating within and between teams
Defining and realising success: beating others vs. doing as well as you can
Inter-team rivalry
Communicating between teams
Communicating within teams

Plus 10 more short activities10 to 45 mins 3 - 12 Introductory

Description: 10 short activities that can introduce 'team concepts' as well as 'breaking the ice' or energising a flagging group. All involve lots of action and most an element of competition. Each is quite different, and despite being quick, will raise salient points about the way individuals in the group are working with each other. The manual includes; a matrix to summarise the features of each activity, an overview of how to use the activities, facilitator's notes and re-usable briefs for each task, learning review worksheets.
Key Applications:

Breaking the ice
Introducing the basic concepts and skills of team working
Stimulating thought
Team working in action
Team activity in action

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