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Attend our optional two-day interactive and thought-provoking Masterclass and learn how you can use MTa’s powerful hands-on activities and review techniques to take your training to the next level.

After attending the programme you’ll be able to use empowering and engaging experiential learning techniques and MTa tools to:

  • Develop inspirational leaders
  • Build high performing teams
  • Foster more effective problem solving
  • Improve communication
  • Catalyse change
  • And more

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Rated 5 out of 5

"I thoroughly enjoyed it..."

“I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was an excellent learning curve. Well worth the trip! In terms of the next step, I need to put a plan and timeframe in place for myself, which will include purchasing the MTa Kits relevant to me. Thank you for your follow up email and please pass on my thanks to Jamie.”

Mike Nolan, Sports Facility Manager, Astrobay Galway
Rated 5 out of 5

...this course will ignite your passion and enthusiasm.

“If you’re looking to improve your facilitation skills this course will ignite your passion and enthusiasm.”

Craig Smith, Director, Flint Spark Consulting
Rated 5 out of 5

...I attended the MTa Masterclass and was inspired...

“A great facilitator, Jamie has mastered the art of experiential learning. I attended his MTa Masterclass and was inspired throughout the session. I highly recommend his professionalism to everyone in the Learning and Development field who is keen to train with creativity.”

Laila Al Nahawi, Training Specialist at RAKBANK

MTa Masterclass

Learning that lasts

Following the Masterclass workshop, you will be able to use MTa’s experiential learning tools to deliver powerful sessions in areas such as team skills, leadership, problem solving and communication.

You will also be able to use MTa’s ‘Learning Arena’: a nine- step process for facilitating experiential learning.

Attend to master

  • Delivering engaging and thought-provoking experiential learning
  • Facilitating effective learning reviews
  • Running complex experiential activities with ambiguous and uncertain outcomes
  • MTa’s most popular experiential toolkits
  • Linking learning to the workplace

Who should attend?

You don’t need any previous experience facilitating experiential learning, but you do need an open mind. Our workshops always attract a healthy mix of consultants, L&D professionals and lecturers.


All participants attending the 2-day Masterclass course will receive MTa certification and can use the MTa Certified logo. All participants will be expected to facilitate a short experiential task in a small group setting on the final day to demonstrate they can apply the MTa principals and approach.

What’s involved

This is a 2-day short course, in which you will gain and insight into effective facilitation. You will learn how to facilitate effective learning reviews in interactive workshop style training sessions.

Become a master. The outcomes of the workshop are aligned with the 5 MTa values:

Deeper learning
Learn how to run and review MTa experiential activities that create light bulb moments with lessons that last a lifetime. There will be a particular focus on building teams and developing leaders.

Unleashed diversity
Be able to help your participants capitalise on diversity of ideas, culture, and thoughts. In other words, make the most of individual differences and support everybody to reach their full potential.

Fearless innovation:
Learn about an approach to learning that breaks the mould yet is based on sound evidence rather than the latest fads.

Confident humility
Develop your confidence in facilitating learning experiences that put their learners front and centre, because this is when the moments that matter happen.

Vibrant community
Spent time developing your network of MTa facilitators who share a passion for experiential learning.

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