Get MTa Certified

Attend our two-day interactive and thought-provoking Masterclass and learn how you can use MTa’s powerful hands-on activities and review techniques to take your training to the next level.

After attending the programme you’ll be able to use empowering and engaging experiential learning techniques and MTa tools to:

  • Develop inspirational leaders
  • Build high performing teams
  • Foster more effective problem solving
  • Improve communication
  • Catalyse change
  • And more

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Who should attend?

You don’t need any previous experience facilitating experiential learning, but you do need an open mind. Our workshops always attract a healthy mix of consultants, L&D professionals and lecturers.


All attendees will receive MTa certification and can use the MTa Certified logo. Each participant will be expected to facilitate a short experiential task in a small group setting to demonstrate they can apply the MTa principals and approach.

What’s involved

This is a 2-day short course, in which you will gain and insight into effective facilitation. You will learn how to facilitate effective learning reviews in interactive workshop style training sessions.

Course Overview

The course is an experiential programme that is highly practical in nature. There will be a focus on developing skills that can be transferred immediately to the workplace.  Expect a workshop that is hands-on and interactive with a focus on stimulating discussion, activity, and personal learning.


To help you learn how to make the most of MTa’s materials, as efficiently and effectively as possible we’ve structured the 2 day programme into 3 practical and thought-provoking sections.

Section 1: Experiential Learning in Action

This is the main section of the programme. Our approach is a practical one, and we believe that to truly learn how to make the most of MTa’s tools, you need to ‘feel’ how the activities work, and their impact on participants.

So, we start by immersing you in a typical MTa programme. You’ll take part in a specially designed MTa team and leadership development programme that begins with short yet surprisingly impactful activities from MTa Insights, and builds with longer and more challenging activities from the MTa Team KIT.  It finishes with challenging leadership activities for either MTa Insights or MTa MINI.

Along the way we stop the activities and with your input, dissect and discuss the impact of the activities and reviews, their potential application and their effective facilitation.

You’ll get to discuss your ideas with your cohort, and learn from their collective experience.

If you were to replicate what you’ve experienced in this section you’d be able to run best practice experiential activities that develop leaders, build teams, improve communication skills and increase self-awareness and collaborative skills but also develop qualities of the mind – curiosity, judgement and critical thinking.

There’ll also be an opportunity to spend time exploring our coaching, lean, assessment and collaboration activities.

Section 2: The MTa Method and Process

In this section will look at the practicalities of working with the MTa methodology. We’ll enable you to:-

  • Select and sequence the 150 different MTa activities
  • Understand and develop the core skills required of an MTa facilitator and experiential facilitator in general
  • Understand the breadth and depth of learning offered by the MTa Kits, and how you can apply them

Section 3: Getting Hands-On

The workshop finishes with participants working in small groups to design and deliver a brief session using the shorter activities from MTa’s portfolio.

The section gives you an opportunity to apply all your learning from the previous section and gain confidence using the MTa tools and methodology.

There’s also an opportunity to receive feedback from the MTa facilitator and peers on personal strengths and areas for improvement as a facilitator of experiential learning. But don’t worry, this is always a fun yet informative section.

Post Course

We hope you keep in touch with all your cohort of new MTa Certified facilitators, share your successes on Linkedin (we’ve got an active community posting their fabulous workshops) and update us how you get on. We’re always here to answer any questions and help you make the most out of your experience.

Outcomes are aligned with the 5 MTa values:

We are a values-based organisation, and it’s our commitment to these values that enables us to design and deliver innovative experiential learning tools that can be used to deliver lasting change. The outcomes of the workshop are aligned with our 5 values:

Deeper learning
Learn how to run and review MTa experiential activities that create light bulb moments with lessons that last a lifetime. There will be a particular focus on building teams and developing leaders.

Unleashed diversity
Be able to help your participants capitalise on diversity of ideas, culture, and thoughts. In other words, make the most of individual differences and support everybody to reach their full potential.

Fearless innovation
Learn about an approach to learning that breaks the mould yet is based on sound evidence rather than the latest fads.

Confident humility
Develop your confidence in facilitating learning experiences that put their learners front and centre, because this is when the moments that matter happen.

Vibrant community
Spend time developing your network of MTa facilitators who share a passion for experiential learning.

Your Facilitator

Our open MTa Masterclasses are facilitated by Jamie Thompson, owner and Principal Facilitator at MTa.

Known for his engaging and empowering style, Jamie has now shared his expertise with over 1000 facilitators and trainers from 37 different countries. Corporate trainers and facilitators leave his training programmes being able to confidently deliver experiential learning activities and make the most of MTa’s tools.

Jamie has plenty of experience to tap into and share. The creative activities that he and his team have developed are now used in over 100 countries, by 1000s of the world’s leading organisations. He has personally designed activities and facilitator training programmes for high profile companies such as Emirates Airlines, Saudi Aramco, Nissan and Verizon USA.

Jamie’s creative approach is combined with a rigorous corporate and academic background. He started his career with Deloitte’s Strategy Consulting Practice in 2003, and joined MTa in 2008. In 2016 he won the EU Excellence in Human Resources Scholarship from Leeds University Business School to further his study of Organisational Behaviour and Organisational Psychology. He’s stayed on at the Business School as a Leader in Residence and Guest Lecturer and retains an academic interest in team development and facilitation

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