Terms of Use

Purpose of the platform

MTa Immersion provides a copy of the MTa Facilitator guides you will have received with your physical kit.  We recommend you use it for activity selection, planning and preparation but don’t rely on it exclusively. Some of the activities work much better when participants are given the hard copy briefs, you’ll find in your guides. You can also use the platform to download editable copies of all the worksheets. Customising these is an excellent way to tailor each session to the needs of your participants.

Respecting our Intellectual Property and Creative Ideas

Please respect our intellectual property. We spend a lot of time and money developing resources to help people learn and our ability to do so would be seriously hampered if we lost control of our ideas due to unlawful copying.

If you are planning on doing any of the following please ask us first, so we can help you stay within the guidelines:-

  • Copying and uploading our facilitator briefs or participant briefs to your LMS
  • Copying and Incorporating our facilitator briefs or participant briefs into your course folders
  • Sharing your login credentials
  • Making physical copies of the manuals
  • Incorporating our ideas into other experiential learning activities

We take a pragmatic and flexible approach to supporting facilitators in the MTa community, but when we do occasionally uncover cases of illegal copying and we always take action.

The copyright in all resources supplied by MTa Learning Ltd belongs to MTa Learning Ltd.

General Guidelines

Please observe the copyright on the bottom of each page. You may make copies of all the review sheets and learning transfer sheets from the facilitator manuals. These can be downloaded from the MTa website and edited in Microsoft Word. Non-consumable items such as facilitator notes and participant briefs may not be copied. If you require more than one copy of the same manual, please contact us for a multiple purchase quotation. You may translate one copy into your local language if you wish.

Guidelines for Independent Consultants

If you are an independent consultant, you may use MTa Learning Ltd resources in your client organisation so long as the material remains under your control.

Loan of Materials

MTa resources (manuals and/or physical kit components) may not be loaned to other organisations. Only the organisation which has purchased or hired the programme has the right to use it.