Virtual Experiential Team, Leadership and Assessment Activities

NASA Moon Survival

FREE TRIAL: use code 'LiftOff' to get access for one month. The...
£99.00 Yearly subscription

4 - 28
Decision Making

The Culprit

Increase self awareness and develop teams with this emotive and powerful activity. The activity...
£399.00 Yearly subscription

4 - 28
Giving and Receiving Feedback

Get to the Point

Do you teams need to improve their online collaboration skills? Get to the Point...
£199.00 Yearly subscription

4 - 28

Facilitator Workshop

Join the MTa Team online, and  learn how to facilitate powerful online experiential learning...
£25.00 One time fee

Limited to 15 Participants
Facilitator Workshop

Zin Obelisk

FREE: An introduction to online team working and problem solving. Zin Obelisk...
FREE Yearly subscription

4 - 24
Team Problem Solving

The Culprit – Español

Aumenta la auto conciencia y desarrolla equipos con esta emotiva y poderosa actividad. La...
£399.00 Yearly subscription

4 - 28
Dar y Recibir Feedback

Squared Away

Launching in September: Squared Away is a team development activity that gives participants an...
£299.00 Yearly subscription

6 - 18
Team Development


Launching in September: This inter-team activity takes the concept of 'prisoners dilemma to a...
£399.00 Yearly subscription

6 - 18


Launching in October: Explore personal values and ethics with this cognitively engaging activity that...
£249.00 Yearly subscription

4 - 24
Ethics and Values

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