Virtual Experiential Team, Leadership and Assessment Activities

With MTa Immersion we have captured everything we know our customers around the world value in our physical tools, and put it online for use in virtual soft skills training and development.

Simple set-up

As facilitators ourselves we know that the last thing you want to worrying about it activity set up. So, in just three clicks you can launch an MTa Immersion activity. Create room, Share participant link, Start Activity… it is that easy! For participants it’s just as easy. Click link, enter name, join activity.

No fuss, just straight into the learning experience

Sophisticated learning outcomes

MTa Immersion activities create rich learning experiences, with the focus being completely on the attitudes and behaviours required for team members to complete them, with no technical skill requirement – just like our physical tools.

Solutions that work

We have a range of different activities to suit a range of different audiences and desired learning outcomes. Our activities are used by many of the world’s most demanding organisations and educational institutions. From college to C-suite, we have you covered.

MTa Immersion games

The Culprit

Increase self awareness and develop teams with this emotive and powerful activity. The activity...
£299.00 Yearly subscription

4 - 28
Giving and Receiving Feedback

Zin Obelisk

An introduction to online team working and problem solving. Zin Obelisk is a fun...
£75.00 Yearly subscription

4 - 24
Team Problem Solving


The brief is ambiguous, and there are multiple approaches to choose from. How will...
£299.00 Yearly subscription


NASA Moon Survival

This is the original 1962 NASA moon landing challenge, but now in an easy...
£150.00 Yearly subscription

4 - 28
Decision Making

The Culprit – Español

Aumenta la auto conciencia y desarrolla equipos con esta emotiva y poderosa actividad. La...
£399.00 Yearly subscription

4 - 28
Dar y Recibir Feedback

Chain Reaction

Two or three teams work for different 'companies'. Each team is tasked with negotiating...
£175.00 Yearly subscription

6 - 18

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