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Leadership development activities are probably the most rewarding, but challenging, programmes any learning development professional can run. Get it right, and you can help create the leaders who shape the organisation. But if you miss the mark, you miss the chance to influence those leaders and demonstrate your value.

How do you deliver leadership training activities that meet the wide and varying needs of your leaders, while providing a fun and memorable experience that makes a real and lasting impression?

Let leaders learn from experience

MTa’s experiential learning kits give you the flexibility to deliver leadership activities that replicate the real challenges your leaders and emerging leaders face. These versatile training kits allow you to run dozens of different activities, challenges and games that can be specifically tailored to real situations.

Using hands-on kits, participants must work together to solve problems, clarify complex requirements, make difficult decisions, manage multiple stakeholders and many other challenges they face in real life. Activities vary in complexity: more complex activities have multiple stages with time for reflection and refinement in between.

In one activity, for example,  a leader leads three geographically dispersed teams working on different aspects of a cable car project commissioned by a customer with a specific but often ambiguous brief. The leader must create a vision but then vary their leadership style to match the needs of each group, resolve conflict between groups, set objectives, delegate and instruct.

In every leadership activity MTa designs, all leaders are given a role where they have opportunities to lead in the way that they believe will be most effective. Nobody is left on the margins as a leader in name only. Every activity is expertly crafted to provide specific learning opportunities for leaders and followers alike.

We’ll introduce three of our most relevant learning kits for leaders later. But if you’re not sure where to start, it might be easier to give us a call or chat to us and we’ll help you find the right training activities for you, or read on for an idea of what’s available.

MTa offers three different kits with a major focus on leadership development. Perspectivas de MTa features four long leadership activities, five shorter ones and 44 other activities which support leadership, all of which are easy to set up and come tightly packed in portable holdalls, but with powerful learning results.

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