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The most important outcome for any team-building activity is for everyone to feel part of the team. If you’re looking for team building activities that are light-hearted and fun and that help build relationships in a positive way – then we have a great selection of activities in XXX, purposely designed to get everyone involved and keep them engaged. Unlike some of our more complex activities these don’t have heavy review sheets or require intense reflection so they won’t feel like work. The aim is to give people a break from the trauma and stresses of work and improve the mood in the team. This helps to build morale, show that you (as the organisation) care, and foster a greater sense of belonging.

But like every MTa activity, they offer all participants a chance to learn about themselves and others. They’re realistic and reflect real situations that we find ourselves in at work like mutual respect and commitment.


This is training that won’t feel like training, but will create connections between individuals. We call this “Entertrainment”. MTa’s training kits are anchored on robust and proven learning theories, but they’re fun and versatile. They are equally suited to light-hearted team-building activities and games as they are to supporting more complex training needs.

The MTa Insights Kit has 53 activities including several fun activities that are perfect for team-building activities. Take an activity like blind statues. Here, your team comes together to complete a common task that requires a lot of communication, trust and awareness of each other. Towards the end of this activity, half the team is blindfolded, cementing bonds of trust as some become more dependent on their other team-members. But, most importantly, the activity is quite simple, fun and centres around full team participation.

The MTa Team Kit has more activities that use a similar approach to team-building and are equally fun. Activities are designed to get people working together and energised, but with great learning opportunities around leadership and communication.

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