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Off the shelf training materials for development of interpersonal skills

Unleash the power of Experiential Learning Activities with MTa

Experiential learning programmes, when designed with expertise and competently delivered, can provide opportunities for incredibly powerful personalised learning.

Since 1982, we’ve been helping organisations across the globe with talent development. We’ve developed our kits of effective, fun, experiential learning activities and expert train-the-trainer courses to help you reach your learning and development objectives.

Our method and materials deliver behavioural change, improve team and leadership performance and deliver proven ROI on training.

Do you want to generate commitment to improving performance in your organisation?

We can help you provide engaging games and training materials to identify opportunities for personal development. You follow the MTa® Learning Arena methodology to take your people through a self-reflective process that helps them improve their skills, attitudes and behaviours.

Everyone benefits!

Engaging and effective experiential learning activities

used by in-house facilitators, external consultants and educators alike

MTa Training Activities


join us at our Facilitator Masterclass and become an MTa® certified experiential learning facilitator

MTa Facilitator Masterclass

Bespoke training, activities or programme design

to meet your specific learning requirements and business outcomes

MTa Consultancy

More about experiential learning

More about the MTa methodology

Tips for successful delivery

Effective activities

Knowledge Centre

The Learning Arena: our robust methodology for effective experiential learning

The Learning Arena by MTa is a methodology for...

Sorry, but the Marshmallow Challenge just doesn’t deliver

I love TED talks.  I love experiential learning activities. ...

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