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    Deeper learning, lasting change

    MTa Kits create lightbulb moments that lead to lasting change. By leveraging experiential learning principles, the groundbreaking MTa approach puts the participant at the centre of their own learning and guides them towards meaningful, lasting outcomes.

    After each activity comes the review stage, and it’s here that participants are invited to draw their own conclusions about how things went, plan and test new strategies, and arrive at lasting learning outcomes.

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    Each kit contains activities designed to achieve specific outcomes.

    Experiential Learning Activity Guides


    Each activity has simple, easy-to-follow instructions to get your participants started.

    MTa session discussion


    Each session will benefit from comprehensive review & learning transfer sheets that develop informative analysis.

    Experiential Learning Review Process

    Unlimited versatility

    Our experiential learning activities are perfect for

    • small workshops
    • assessment events
    • graduate training programmes
    • residential workshops
    • management skills courses
    • country level top team workshops

    There’s no limit to what you can achieve with your MTa kit. Whether it’s inspiring a young person to take the first steps toward a world-changing future, or challenging and changing lifelong habits.

    Our kits have enabled facilitators to deliver lasting change in their organisations all over the world. The type of change that leads to more streamlined operations, a more energised workforce, higher profits, and better workplace morale to name just a few.

    We’ve got activities for specific outcomes

    Building teams

    The most successful organisations are built on unity and cohesion. Nurture and leverage these invaluable attributes with your MTa kit.

    Learn more about our team building activities


    Leadership is about more than pointing fingers and issuing commands: it’s about understanding people and how to help them succeed. Leadership activities will empower your learners to lead.

    Learn more about our leadership activities


    Communicating well is a crucial part of life in the workforce and beyond, and you will have access to a suite of activities designed to improve and refine communication skills.

    Learn more about our communication activities

    And activities designed especially for…


    Deep, lasting learning is possible at any age. Your kit will challenge the status quo and let you deliver tangible learning outcomes to adults in personal and professional contexts.


    Your kit will prepare young adults for the workforce and for the world, with fun and engaging youth development activities that stimulate interest and generate deep investment.


    The mind of a child is a wonderful thing, and your kit will help it to flourish. MTa kits have experiential learning activities for children aged 8 and upwards.

    Here’s how to do experiential learning the MTa way


    Our guides contain everything you need to run each MTa activity smoothly and efficiently. Guides are available digitally or physically, and can be accessed through our website at any time.


    Our experiential learning kits are designed to challenge the status quo, and to create light bulb moments that lead to lasting learning.

    Each kit contains hundreds of pieces for dozens of activities, all of which are designed with experiential learning principles at their core.

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    The review process sits at the heart of the experiential learning experience: it’s here that the power is placed in the learner’s hands. With your facilitation, they can reflect upon and enshrine the positive aspects of their performance.

    Our resources are designed to ensure that the review process is informative and rewarding.

    Download the 15 principles of experiential learning


    Our Masterclasses build upon core experiential learning competencies and equip MTa certified facilitators with the skills they need to maximise learning. Join our global community of 1000s of MTa facilitators across 100 countries today.

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    Online experiential learning activities available now with

    MTa Immersion online experiential learning activities

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