Bring lean theory to life with our engaging lean simulation

  • 90 minutes to 1 day
  • Introductory onwards
  • 3-15 participants 

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Es adecuado para usted si: Quiere darle vida a Lean de una manera atractiva y memorable. Le ayudará a poner al día a los equipos con Lean y, lo que es más importante, a prepararlos para aplicar su aprendizaje.

Qué incluye: En un maletín hecho a medida, recibirá más de 300 piezas de componentes MTa KanDo Lean, junto con una guía para el facilitador, libros de trabajo para los participantes, y materiales de apoyo.

Cuándo usarlo: Cuando necesite un juego de simulación Lean diseñado por expertos para presentar los principios Lean y hacer que los participantes piensen en cómo pueden aprovechar los beneficios de apoyarse en su organización.

5 phases covering all lean learning outcomes, with the first 2 ideal for people who are new to the concept

Phase 1: The 7 wastes

This energetic and thought-provoking phase introduces the 7 wastes of lean. Expect a chaotic and noisy production run, untidy workplaces, badly organised workflow, a poor understanding of the customers’ requirements and plenty of identifiable waste!

Phase 2: 5S

As familiarity with the product and the implementation of 5S (Sort, Set in Order, Standardise, Shine, Sustain) begins to improve productivity, what are the implications for levels of work in progress (WIP)? In this phase, participants feel the benefits of an organised workplace and explore problems associated with batch production and high WIP.  

Phase 3: The power of pull: a visual workplace

This phase introduces Kanbans – visual triggers to control production – with the intended result of dramatically reducing WIP levels. As communications become streamlined and planning continues to be refined, how much of an improvement will participants achieve in time to produce?

Phase 4: Let’s flow

Lean simulation games must mirror the real-life demands of the workplace. This phase introduces variation and explores possible responses: will participants maintain their commitment to pull when receiving a forecast from the customer? What are the pros and cons of various possible approaches?

Phase 5: Putting it all together

Here a dispersed supply chain is simulated, giving participants the chance to apply their newly acquired knowledge in a different setting. Prompts encourage thought about customer relationships, avoidance of shortages, simplification of supply chains, and removal of information and real world applications.

Cultivate an environment of continuous improvement

Build on expertise: Each phase introduces lean using a progressive and logical approach.

Effortless facilitation: MTa Online resources and supporting materials make the whole process seamless, from setup to learning transfer.

Generate excitement and buy-in: For lean to land in your workplace, your people need to be on board. This kit is designed to foster real interest and involvement.

Instil lasting change: Review prompts at the end of each phase invite participants to reflect upon and consolidate their learning, leading to lasting outcomes.

Transferable skills: KanDo Lean links directly back to the workplace, empowering participants to go further.

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MTa Kando Lean


  • Over 300 component parts in a tailor made carry case
  • Facilitator guide & participant workbooks
  • MTa user license
  • MTa support materials
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