Improve self-awareness. Develop emotional intelligence. Build a culture of open feedback

  • 1.5hrs to 2hrs
  • Introductory to intermediate
  • 4 – 24 participants

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Eres un facilitador que quiere una actividad que mejore la autoconciencia, desarrolle la inteligencia emocional y brinde a todos la oportunidad de dar y recibir comentarios

Qué está incluido

4 juegos de tarjetas MTa Culprit, una guía completa para el facilitador, resúmenes de los participantes y preguntas de reflexión. También tendrás acceso a Culprit Online.

Cuándo usarlo

Cuando desea una actividad poderosa y emotiva que anime a los participantes a desarrollar una comprensión de lo que está ayudando y obstaculizando el desempeño individual y del equipo.

In The Culprit...

…teams of 4 to 7 people work independently to solve a murder mystery. The task is fun, engaging and more difficult than it might first appear. Everyone must get involved.

Frequent ‘internal investigations’ provide a fun and effective feedback mechanism giving participants an opportunity to give and receive direct feedback about others natural behaviour in non-threatening way.

As the activity progresses participants receive feedback that increases their self-awareness and helps them understand the impact of their personal styles. They’ll also explore the impact of the behaviours on others, developing their emotional intelligence along the way.

Create impactful learning opportunities

  • Give and recieve feedback on impact and personal styles
  • Understand strengths and weaknesses in a team
  • Discuss and optimise team roles
  • Create a culture of psychological safety
  • Explore issues around of trust and vulnerability
  • Diagnose dysfunctions within a team

Improve individual and team performance

Unlock the power of diversity Help individuals value the natural diversity in any team

Engaging and absorbing As participants become absorbed in the task they can explore their natural styles.

Simple to facilitate Comprehensive facilitator notes and a proven method ensures this activity gets results everytime.

Memorable outcomes The memorable feedback recieved from fellow participants leads to lasting change.

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MTa The Culprit


  • Includes the complete activity kit
  • Access to The Culprit Online
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