Replicate the challenging situations your staff face

According to US employment skills and recruitment specialists SkillsSurvey, empathy, communication expertise and adaptability are the top skills currently in demand from healthcare professionals.  But how do you build these skills in high-pressure environments where there is barely time to reflect?

MTa’s experiential learning training kits are well-placed to help you replicate the challenging situations your staff face, but in a safe environment where there is plenty of time to reflect and learn from experience.  Using versatile kits to carry out short activities, participants gain skills to work on problem-solving, team-building and the essential communication skills that will help them have more meaningful engagements with both patients and colleagues.

If you’re faced with a constant drive for efficiency to free up more time and resources for essential care, MTa KanDo Lean could help you and your staff readily spot the opportunities to improve processes by removing bottlenecks and unnecessary steps.

Boost teamwork and get the right people into your teams

What if you’re struggling to boost teamwork or ensure you get the right people into your teams at recruitment?

Leeds NHS Hospital Trust in England has used MTa Team and MTa Select for over five years to help build team dynamics, and in assessment centres for recruiting new staff from apprentice level all the way up to directors.

“We know that teams who work better together produce better outcomes both in terms of patient care and lower mortality rates,” says Organisational Learning Practitioner Megan Darnell. She explains that MTa kits have really expanded tools available for learning in ways that mesh well with much of their other simulation-based training.

“Nurses who are used to being on their feet all day don’t like being in a classroom,” Darnell adds. “They prefer to keep busy and they tell us these kits are fun and engaging. And they’re really easy to use so it’s easy for facilitators to get to grips with them.

And for doctors and consultants who are used to working for themselves, MTa activities can help you break down barriers and silos. In both public and private and healthcare there can be few obvious incentives for consultants to make referrals for possible conditions that outside their area of expertise.

Boost collaboration between disparate teams and individuals

One healthcare provider in the UAE wanted doctors from different disciplines to use their touchpoints with patients to identify conditions they could refer to colleagues in other departments. They developed workshops using  MTA’s New Dimensions kit to boost collaboration between disparate teams and individuals, stretch boundaries and understand the benefits of changing how they work together. The result was earlier identification of medical conditions and higher potential referrals and revenues as specialists from one discipline learned the value of sharing patient information rather than simply focusing on their own area of expertise.

For managers too, MTa’s approach to learning helps build problem-solving and decision-making. Some of the activities in MTa Team Kit explore issues like whether leaders are willing to sacrifice individual success for the good of the team.


Learn how you can nurture your team’s ability to improve team working and respond to challenges with MTa Team Kit, which has 16 activities expertly designed to develop effective team-working and leadership.

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