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How we engage together at work makes a huge difference to productivity and morale. Teams that work well together are better able to achieve shared goals, support each other, and draw on each other’s diverse strengths to seize opportunities and rise to challenges. A poorly functioning team often leads to poor morale, lack of trust and ultimately poor retention as people leave.

How do you develop team skills that allow you to perform like a high-functioning team? You can follow best practice from elsewhere, but nobody else’s team is quite like your team. You’ll need to try different approaches to figure out what works for your own unique set of individuals and the situations they face.

Team working activities from MTa allow you to develop and improve team skills in a simulated and safe environment.

Skills we all need

Anyone taking part in MTa’s experiential learning will gain a better understanding of how they can be effective team players and how they engage with others in a team.

You don’t necessarily need the whole team to take part. These activities work equally well for just a few people or even a single individual if they take part in team activities with a group of people outside their own team. If you are looking for activities that help develop the whole team, take a look at our feature on team development.

Whatever your role in a team — whether you’re a leader or a follower, an individual contributor or a full team-player — certain skills are crucial for working with others. These include interpersonal skills like listening, assertiveness, expressing ideas and asking questions. They also include specific team skills like: planning, conflict resolution; and decision making.

Experiential learning kits from MTa provide everything you need to develop those skills, as well as supporting complementary areas like team building and leadership. You can use them to help support and explore team working concepts like Belbin’s Team Roles: participants can really see the different roles in action and understand more about their own role and how to flex it.

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