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Experiential Learning Activities for the Healthcare Profession

How can MTa help develop healthcare professionals?

Within the healthcare system, there is a constant drive for efficiency and improved patient outcomes. Customer focus is more important than ever and a wide range of people need to be developed, from hospital porters to senior consultants. MTa’s unique experiential learning tools and methodology can help and create high performing teams and help individuals develop the soft skills they need to succeed. Applications might include improving the efficiency of a team of ward nurses or challenging senior leaders on their motivations – are they willing to sacrifice individual success for the good of the team?

Recommended Products

16 engaging and thought provoking activities that encourage and support a wide range of interpersonal and team skills.

53 activities designed to successfully develop attitudes and behaviours associated with effective communication.

Help your team how they can reduce waste and improve efficiency with this lean processing simulation

MTa in the healthcare sector…

MTa have worked with a number of different healthcare providers over the past 30 years such as:

  • HCA
  • Cleveland Clinic Dubai
  • NHS
  • Martin House
  • Leeds Mental Health Trust
  • Invent Health
  • Al Awayl Primary Health Care Centre

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