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Experiential Learning Activities for The Financial Services

How can MTa’s Experiential Learning Tools be used in Financial Services?

Financial services need to create high performing teams and adapt to a constantly changing environment. MTa’s experiential learning activities can be used to prepare your people to cope with the challenges they face throughout your organisation: whether it’s dealing with demanding customers in the front office, or complying with regulations in the back office. MTa’s carefully designed experiential learning activities can help you improve the efficiency of your processes, drive the right behaviours and attitudes and build trust.

Recommended Products

A set of 16 experiential team activities that encourage individuals to explore, understand and develop a wide range of interpersonal and team skills.

A set of 53 sophisticated experiential learning activities in areas such as team skills, leadership, communication, problem solving, negotiation and change.

5 demanding activities that develop the team and leadership skills needed when working across functional, hierarchical, geographical and historical boundaries.

Our clients in the financial sector..

MTa’s experiential learning tools are used throughout financial services, our users include:

  • HSBC
  • Barclays
  • Lloyds TSB
  • M&S Money
  • Emirates NBD

We have also worked closely with Barclays to design a bespoke activity for them, you can read about this here.

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