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Experiential Learning Activities for Retailing

How can MTa’s learning tools develop people in retail?

The retail industry is people intensive. Equipping your people with the skills they require to serve the customer and meet their needs is paramount. It’s likely your your people will need able to interact with, understand and communicate with customers effectively in order to drive sales. Your managers may need the skills required to lead a distributed workforce, that is be spread around the country or globe. All staff may need to be able ‘live your brand values’ and present a coherent and consistent set of values.

How can MTa’s experiential learning tools help? We have over 100 engaging and thought provoking activities that you can use to develop over 170 qualities, including customer focus, leadership and team skills.

Recommended Products

16 engaging and thought provoking experiential learning activities designed to create high performing teams on the shop floor and in the back office.

53 activities designed to successfully develop attitudes and behaviours associated with effective team skills, communication, customer service, problem solving and leadership.

Introduce lean processing into your organisation and help everyone understand how they can reduce waste and improve efficiency with MTa’s unique approach.

Help your line managers develop the skills and attitudes need to coach their people

MTa’s experience helping the retail industry

MTa’s experiential learning activities and unique approach are used by the retail industry throughout the world, from global brands such as Harrods and Tesco’s to specialised retailers.

Examples include:

  • Waitrose
  • Wal-Mart
  • Boots
  • Iceland
  • Amazon

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