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Experiential Learning Activities for Trainers and Consultants

How can MTa’s experiential learning tools and methodology help Training Consultancies?

We know you are busy and need to impress your clients with professional, high impact learning tools. You might be working with an oil company one day and a retailer the next so your learning tools need be as flexible as you: client requirements can change at the last minute – the numbers of people or the objectives of the training. If you travel around you’ll also need materials that are easy to transport and durable.

MTa’s experiential learning tools fulfill all of these requirements and more. Designed by Martin Thompson, a facilitator and trainer who spent life on the road, Martin understands the challenges consultants face. MTa learning activities cover a wide range of learning opportunities and can be used with different groups of people with different training objectives for different lengths of time. The materials look professional and your MTa kit is a one-off purchase which means it can be used again and again with no ongoing license fees.

MTa learning activities have been carefully designed for a variety of uses; they can be used at the start of the day to introduce the key themes; as motivation to challenge behaviours; to develop leadership skills; as a whole day team development event; or integrated into existing leadership or communication programmes to provide a practical experience.

At MTa we are always here to help. You can speak to Jamie or Alex who will help you integrate MTa learning activities into your programme and help you make the most of them.

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What experience does MTa have with training consultancies?

Since 1992, we have been helping freelancers all over the world impress their clients.

We can help you deliver world class experiential learning programmes to your clients and provide personal support from Martin, Jamie and Alex to make the most of MTa’s materials.

We're here to help!

Talk to us +44 1937 844800 about how we can help you transform your training with our experiential learning activities...