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Experiential Learning Activities for Trainers and Consultants

Impress your clients with learning tools that reflect their reality

Training consultancies often need to make a big impact to get results with a host of different clients. If you’ve been brought in to make a difference to the learning culture, then it really helps to offer learning that is different from what’s come before. With such a wide range of potential clients you need versatile tools and approaches that are just as much at home with an engineering company or a tech start-up. You need to be flexible as client needs can change at last minute in terms of both the aim of training and the audience. And if you’re on the road, you need training materials that you pack up, pick up and go.

MTa’s flexible approach to learning can help you meet those varied goals by giving you a whole range of versatile training experiences that work just as well with a bank or a fashion retailer.

MTa’s varied learning kits allow you to run engaging learning activities that match your clients’ varied learning needs, “out-of-the-box” .

Designed by our founder Martin Thompson, a training consultant who spent his life on the road helping a huge range of clients, these are materials that work well anywhere, with anyone.

You could use the MTa Insights suite of 53 activities to replicate real-life challenges right across different industries and professions. Using versatile kits to carry out short activities, participants gain skills to work on problem-solving, team-building, leadership and the essential communication skills that will help them have more meaningful engagements with colleagues and their own clients.

Jo Abergel, Founder and Lead Facilitator of Rock Learning uses the Insights kit with clients in financial services, online gaming and in open courses on emerging leaders and strategic planning.

“I use it to provide engaging, interactive experiential learning, to add something different to my training programmes. Sometimes I use only MTa Insights, or sometimes I use one or two Insights activities as part of a full day course or development programme,” she explains.

And because activities are short and hands-on, they offer a real breath of fresh air compared with conventional classroom-style corporate learning programmes. Participants find them fun, engaging and memorable and take away that impression of you as a training provider.

“Clients love it!,” says Abergel. “Most training courses they’ve been on before have been PowerPoint based, so they like MTa Insights because it’s fun and interactive. When they see it, they want to jump in and start playing with it.”

Other kits like MTA Kan Do Lean can support your client’s learning needs in more specific areas like process optimization.

Business optimisation and process improvement experts Unleash Enterprises used Kan Do Lean in a learning activity for the top 50 executives from a global manufacturing client.

“Our goal was to reconnect the top 50 executives of this manufacturer to the importance of lean within 45 mins. Supporting that we were also asked to develop problem solving, communication and collaboration skills,” explains Unleash MD Steve Burrell. Given the time constraints, MTa’s kit was the perfect solution to convey the key learnings in an immersive and reflective way.

MTa learning activities have been carefully designed for a variety of uses; they can be used at the start of the day to introduce the key themes; as motivation to challenge behaviours; to develop leadership skills; as a whole day team development event; or integrated into existing leadership or communication programmes to provide a practical experience.

“I really like the MTa Kit – I have used it with a wide range of employees including senior management in [retailers] Arcadia Group and Pret A Manger and I haven’t found anything that’s more effective in the market,” says Ewan Stickley at Pentland Group

The materials look professional and your MTa kit is a one-off purchase which means it can be used again and again with no ongoing license fees. And because we’re learning professionals ourselves, we fully understand the kinds of challenges you face and are always here to help. You can speak to Jamie or Alex who will help you integrate MTa learning activities into your programme and help you make the most of them.

Find out how you can bring a new engaging element to training offering without having to reinvent the wheel by taking MTa Insights for a spin. This suite of 53 activities has everything you need to add experiential learning to your clients in a highly versatile and portable kit.

“Nothing will work unless you do.” – Maya Angelou

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