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Experiential Learning Activities for University Students

How can MTa’s experiential learning tools and methodology be used in academia?

Staff and students can benefit greatly from developing the soft skills that complement their academic studies. Helping staff improve their leadership and team skills can improve teaching outcomes and increase job satisfaction. Experiential learning activities are perfect for academia as students now demand more than just subject knowledge from their degree and expect that there will be opportunities to develop the employability skills they need to be successful in the workplace. MTa’s experiential learning tools give students and staff the chance to understand, develop and apply the soft skills that will help them make the most of their potential.

Recommended Products

A set of 53 sophisticated experiential learning activities in areas such as team skills, leadership, communication, problem solving, negotiation and change.

A set of 16 engaging and thought provoking experiential learning activities that encourage individuals to develop a wide range of interpersonal and team skills.

8 cleverly designed practical assessment activities mapped to over 100 defined qualities. Ideal for preparing students for assessment centres or selecting staff.

Who uses MTa’s experiential tools and methodology?

MTa’s experiential learning tools are used by leading universities and colleges throughout the world, some of which are listed below. The University of Aberstwith and the University of Leeds (HEA funded) have both published papers on how MTa’s tools can be used to improve employability skills.

Institutions that use our materials include:

  • Leeds University Business School
  • Abu Dhabi University
  • Durham University
  • Istanbul Technical University
  • University of Illinois
  • Motorola University Asia Pacific

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