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About MTa

MTa’s experiential learning materials and methodology are used by facilitators in over 100 countries, by thousands of the world’s most demanding organisations.

We are a small specialised team of experts in experiential learning, focused on:


Designing and supplying materials that enable facilitators to deliver world class experiential activities


Sharing our experience and developing facilitators and trainers


Delivering team, management and organisational development programmes


Providing exceptional customer care and support

Meet our core team

Jamie Thompson, Managing Director

Jamie Thompson is following in his father Martin’s footsteps in sharing his passion for inspiring and developing people through experiential learning. With a BSc from Durham University and management consultancy experience in world class organisations such as Deloitte, Jamie joined MTa in 2008. Jamie’s strong business credentials and enthusiasm have added new dimensions to MTa, enabling him to; facilitate experiential sessions at international conferences; run MTa Masterclasses around the world; and design bespoke experiential activities for some of the world’s most demanding organisations.

Having been brought up with the MTa approach and experienced the value of being able to think critically and analyse problems, Jamie is keen to pass on this unique method of learning. He wants others to benefit as he has, giving them the confidence and skills to unleash their potential whatever that might be and wherever they are.

Alex Greenwood, Senior Facilitator

Alex joined MTa in 2010. He specialises in helping organisations capitalise on the potential offered by experiential learning. This includes consulting on the effective use of MTa materials, design of bespoke experiential activities and workshops and delivery of facilitator, people and team development programmes. He works with a wide range of organisations. His recent work has included advising multi-nationals on the best experiential tools to develop their people, designing and delivering team and leadership development programmes and running MTa’s popular Experiential Learning Masterclass.

Martin Thompson, Founder

Martin Thompson is a world expert on experiential learning. A pioneer of indoor experiential learning and designer of experiential learning activities used in over 100 countries, Martin Thompson has brought world leading experiential learning materials to thousands of facilitators and millions of participants in all walks of life.

With BA and MA degrees in experimental psychology from Cambridge University and with training and HR experience acquired, Martin set up MTa in 1982. His passion for helping people make the most of their potential led him to design and develop experiential learning kits for team skills, leadership, problem solving and many more soft skills.

The activity design and review processes of MTa materials encourages people to think and change their attitudes and behaviours. It is this, combined with bringing ‘outdoor learning’ indoors, the value of learning packages that cover many different skills and Martin’s insights into the theory and practice of experiential learning that have contributed to his global reputation.

Our History

Established in 1982, MTa have over 35 years' worldwide experience of designing, supplying and facilitating innovative experiential learning activities, training resources and people development programmes. Our training and development packages are unique. All of our 100+ 'off-the-shelf activities' have been designed, developed and tested here at MTa and most are based on our own patented components. If our customers' needs aren't met by existing activities we are happy to work with them, using our expertise to provide exactly what they want: new activities, facilitating team and people development programmes and developing their facilitators. We firmly believe in our tried and tested approach and we are sure you will too when you see how your participants respond.

In the early years MTa specialised in organisational development consultancy. As consultants we developed a series of experiential learning materials which we used as part of our development programmes. Our clients were impressed with these new tools. The tools were engaging, innovative and powerful. Clients were soon asking us how they could purchase their own sets and we realised we'd created something unique. The combination of comprehensive facilitator guides, clever activity design, engaging materials and a focus on learning allowed trainers and facilitators to run professional experiential workshops and development programmes easily and efficiently. In 1991 we launched the MTa Team KIT with two activities, word spread and it quickly became a 'must have' training tool. Our business and product range has been expanding steadily ever since.

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