10 business simulation games to take a look at in 2021.

Online business simulation games are emerging as a highly effective and engaging way to deliver training, more so than ever due to their flexibility. Sessions can be delivered in-house or remotely and in the current climate they allow for group size and physical interaction to be kept to a minimum.

Business simulations promote the concept of experiential learning and encourage the development of workplace skills by creating scenarios and allowing participants to make informed decisions about the situations which may arise from them. The aim being to create a learning experience that encourages continual evaluation and feedback and allows for risk taking without compromising the actual business.

There are an increasing number of ‘off the shelf’ and bespoke offerings on the market, here are a just a few that we picked out:

Shift by hdxsimulations.com is used for adapting to change and overcoming resistance. It aims to remove the barriers that can often prevent us from achieving our full potential. It gives participants the chance to gain the tools to effectively embrace change and deal with resistance from others.

Mogul CEO by Oak Tree Simulations simulates a small manufacturing company that produces two products where one has a high operating margin and the other low. Through the exercise, participants learn the interactions between the various areas of business and seek to develop team-building and communication skills.

Cohort by businesssimulations.com is a Change Management business game which develops influencing skills and understanding of organisational and reputational power as you try to win the support of key stakeholders essential to the success of your major change project.

Sim Venture Classic by Venture Simulations is an award-winning small business simulator which focuses on the first 3 years of a company’s life. Users must think about almost all aspects of start-up and small business management.

Burleyconsulting.com have vast experience in creating bespoke business simulations that provide the required platform to achieve goals. Using experiential learning, a simulation tailored to specific requirements will engage employees by providing a powerful, activity based learning environment which is entirely relevant to where they work.

spongelearning.com have developed a range of applied training games that highlight the importance of the nonstrategic aspects of running a business. Cyber Security Sorted and Anti-Bribery Sorted are fun, fast paced, engaging games which provide employees with relevant and contextual knowledge through self- directed learning, allowing an organisation to equip its employees for the real world through improved knowledge and awareness. While SouthGamesStudio make thought provoking games.

Tycoon by Virtonomics is a business simulation tool. Challenging and fun this game aims to advance skills in management, teamwork and strategic-thinking.

A new offering from businesssimulations.com is SIEVE (simulated innovation experience in a virtual environment). Built with their powerful Situational Judgement Engine, it gives participants the opportunity to experience each of the key stages of an innovation project based on a real-world company/product scenario.

Whilst not a business simulation such as the ones listed above, MTa The Culprit Online is a highly charged team problem solving exercise which is designed to help both individuals and teams. It strives to develop self-awareness by learning more about their personal style and how it can impact a team and allows for constructive feedback. The murder mystery style game will explore and improve team processes, build trust and develop problem solving skills.

The skills acquired during a business simulation are easily transferred to the workplace, and the very best simulations can benefit a business in a number of ways.

Business simulations look in depth into strategy and how it is implemented within an organisation and raises questions such as – Are we all clear on what the strategy/goals are? Do you know what part to play within the strategy?

Simulations expose employees to new experiences and challenges which encourage the development of existing skills as well as acquiring new ones. In particular, immersing leaders in all aspects of a business through simulation is key to the engagement of those at a senior level and will provide them with a wider understanding of the organisation an what is expected of them. Resulting in the confidence and motivation to implement a strategy successfully.

They are also used to nurture the next generation of leaders and highlight new talent within an organisation. They too provide the opportunity for new members of staff to integrate themselves into a new working environment, find out more about what is expected of them and, in turn, are given a chance to ‘shine’ from the off.

Experiential learning or ‘learning by doing’ is the most engaging and effective way to deliver workplace training, it is proven that taking part in an activity which is related to specific learning needs enables the participant to retain more information, evaluate behaviour, improve communication and in turn become a highly productive member of the team.

Here at MTa we believe investing in experiential learning is something which should be considered by all organisations. Not only can we see that it is the most effective way to deliver training, but because of its high value learning the return has the potential to be huge .

If you require a f2f or online solution for your business, please get in touch. We are always looking at new ways to evolve our business too, so we would be more than happy to discuss the training needs of your organisation.