5 cool things you can do with an MTa Kit

5 Cool things to do with an MTa Experiential Learning Kit

We love to receive pictures of our kits in action. Here are some of the best examples from around the world…

#1 Employee inductions

Bespoke Experiential Activity

Aligning with Customer Strategy
+ Understand brand values
+ Understand core service pillars
+ Improve customer communication
User: Emirates Airlines
Location: Global Contact Centres
Sector: Aviation
Kit: Bespoke design by MTa Learning

#2 Graduate development

Management Consulting Training+ Improve client facing skills
+ More effective teamworking
+ Improve communication
Location: New York, USA
Sector: Management Consulting
Kit: MTa MINI and MTa Insights

#3 Leadership development

Leadership activities in the outdoors

Leadership in the outdoors
+ Team building for 50 senior leaders
+ Develop leadership capability
User: Saudi Aramco
Location: An island off Yanbu, Saudi Arabia
Sector: Oil and Gas
Kit: MTa Insights

#4 Facilitator and coach development

Facilitation and Coaching Skills
+ Facilitate effective learning
+ Gain a practical understanding of coaching
+ Improve coaching skills
User: Hexion
Location: Dusslefdorf, Germany
Sector: Speciality Chemicals
Kit: MTa Insights  and MTa Team KIT

#5 Team development

Experiential Team Development Activities

Building High Performing Teams
+ Team development
+ Build relationships
+ Develop trust and accountability
User: Verizon
Location: Arizona, USA
Sector: Telecoms
Kit: MTa Insights and  MTa Team KIT

These are just some of the ways you can use an MTa Kit. There are hundreds more. To find out more, call me, email, or come along to our most popular workshop, the MTa Facilitator Masterclass.