ASSA ABLOY improve communication across regions

“It brings out better understanding between individuals and helps communication within the business”

Martin Cahill, Service Operations and   Training Manager, ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems

Martin uses MTa Team Kit and MTa Insights to build better teams and increase understanding amongst all employees within the company from engineers to office staff. He thinks just reading through the tasks is energising – it’s learning in a fun, safe environment that’s suitable for everyone.
Why did you buy the MTa Kits? 
Primarily I bought the MTa Team Kit for team building. Our company operates in regions – engineers work in different regions with a lead engineer overseeing things so I use the MTa Team Kit to bring everyone closer together as a team, to get them to understand one another and create a support network. I also use it with office and support staff.
What do you use your MTa Kits for? 
I use the MTa Team Kit for team building, encouraging people to get to know each other better and increasing awareness and perception of others.  I use MTa Insights, in particular the ‘Boxed In’ activity, to increase understanding – it brings out better communication between individuals and helps communication within the business.
Who do you use your MTa Kits with? 
I use my MTa kits with all employees, from the engineers to the office staff, and we plan to use them with management next year too. For MTa Insights we use it internally, mainly with internal staff to help them understand perceptions. With planners I use it to help them understand others’ point of view and understand each other.
What do your participants think of it? 
They’ve never seen anything like it before, they jump at the challenge and understand why it’s being done. When I use it with sales and office staff, they understand it from the start and are receptive to it, they grasp the need for it and take it all on board.
What would you say to someone who’s thinking of buying the kits? 
I would say definitely buy it. Even just reading through the tasks is energising, whether you go for Team Kit or Insights. People understand the importance and it makes learning fun. There’s no PowerPoints, there’s no sitting in a board meeting telling people about communication and team work – you get to touch it, feel it, and do it for yourself. It’s learning in a fun, safe and pleasant environment and it’s suitable for everyone.