Assessment centres and conferences at Steinhoff UK

At MTa, we’re a small specialised team focused on designing and supplying training materials that enable facilitators to deliver world class experiential learning. We care about what we do. And so, when a kit leaves the shelf, we want to know what it’s being used for, who’s using it and what they think of it. So we asked four leading learning and development professionals about their MTa Kits.

Third in this series is an interview with Sam Rawlings, Senior L&D Manager at Steinhoff UK.

Sam uses MTa Kits in lots of different situations, from intense assessment centres to energetic conferences.

Which MTa Kit(s) do you have?
We have the MTa Team Kit, MTa Insights, MTa MINI and MTa Select. We use all of them, but particularly the MTa Team Kit.

Why did you choose the MTa Team Kit?
We chose the MTa Team Kit so we could provide a different way of training that’s realistic. We needed something that would be suitable across a wide range of job roles, from sales consultants to managers. We wanted to really get people working together and think in a different way. We wanted to move away from ‘normal training’, PowerPoints etc. and make people sweat and think.

What do you use the MTa Team Kit for?
We use the MTa Team Kit in lots of different situations, from team building events to conferences and management induction programmes on small and big scales. For team building, we use it to get teams focussed and working in the same direction. At a recent conference we ran an energizer with managers to get them up on their feet, working together.

What do your participants think of it?
The participants are really really engaged. They find the process challenging, but it gets them to think about their behaviour. Everyone always gets involved.

Would you recommend the MTa Team Kit to others?
I would recommend it to: anyone who wants to focus on behavious, get people to consider their actions and how they interact with others; anyone who wants to deliver interesting training – not just a sit down lecture; and anyone who wants to challenge concepts and thought processes and make people think.

If you’d like to find out more about how using MTa Team Kit can help your training make an impact, contact one of the MTa team.