Leadership and team skills programme at A. F. Blakemore

At MTa, we’re a small specialised team focused on designing and supplying training materials that enable facilitators to deliver world class experiential learning. We care about what we do. And so, when a kit leaves the shelf, we want to know what it’s being used for, who’s using it and what they think of it. So we asked four leading learning and development professionals about their MTa Kits.

Fourth in this series is an interview with David Cartwright, Senior L&D Officer at A. F. Blakemore

David uses MTa Insights in house across all levels within the company, from shop floor staff to senior managers.

Which MTa Kit(s) do you have?
We have lots of MTa Kits; Insights; New Dimensions; Select; KanDo Lean; and Coaching Skills – we’re saving up for a Team Kit! We probably use MTa Insights the most.

Who do you use MTa Insights with?
We use it in house at A. F. Blakemore across all levels within the company; shop floor staff; team leaders; first line managers; and senior managers.

Which activities do you run?
We use a range of activities. If I had to pick a favourite it would be ‘Leading the team’ from the Leadership 1 facilitator’s manual of MTa Insights. It’s a particularly strong activity because it’s challenging for the participants and it really draws out the learning by strongly replicating the behaviour observed in the workplace.

Do you find MTa Insights easy to use?
I find it very easy to use because the manuals are well presented and there’s a start to finish overview of the activity and learning outcomes: the manuals are complete and comprehensive.

What do your participants think of it?
The participants find the activities fun, engaging and they learn a lot from them. They each follow their own learning curve and come to really understand the value of the process.

Would you recommend MTa Insights to others?
Without a doubt I would recommend it to others, to anyone in learning and development. It really helps people learn, it’s easy to use and it’s good fun.