Professional Skills module at Leeds University Business School

At MTa, we’re a small specialised team focused on designing and supplying training materials that enable facilitators to deliver world class experiential learning. We care about what we do. And so, when a kit leaves the shelf, we want to know what it’s being used for, who’s using it and what they think of it. So we asked four leading learning and development professionals about their MTa Kits.

Second in this series is an interview with Elizabeth Bailey, Professional Development Tutor and Hub Coordinator at Leeds University Business School.

Elizabeth uses MTa Insights with international Masters students as part of their Professional Skills module to develop the skills they will need in the workplace.

Who do you use MTa Insights with?
I use it with international Masters students. This year we have a cohort of 143 students from 35 different countries. They’re doing a professional skills module to develop the skills they need to use in the workplace. I hold seminars of 30 people and split them into two groups. So that everyone has a role, I incorporate observers into the exercises. They get to practice observing and giving feedback.

What do you use MTa Insights for?
I use it to further develop the students’ reflective skills and self-awareness and to assess their strengths and weaknesses in different situations. Concepts such as team working, problem solving and working together are all covered and we also explore culturally different approaches.

If you’d like to find out more about how using MTa Insights can help your training make an impact, contact one of the MTa team.