Experiential Learning Case Study – Team and Leadership Activities

Requirements: 5P’s are one of Portugal’s leading providers of team building activities and events for group sizes of 10 to 300+. They requested a bespoke facilitator workshop to help them understand how to get the most out of MTa materials and to build their team.

MTa’s Solution: MTa designed and delivered a bespoke workshop for 5P’s that would enable them to make best use of their experiential learning activities. To ensure it kick-started the autumn after the 5P’s summer break, the workshop was held at the beautiful, unspoiled Portuguese beach resort of Praia do Meco, just south of Lisbon.

Jamie worked closely with the 5P’s group – João, Vittoria, Pedro and Katian during the weekend and the agenda was constantly being adapted to meet the emerging needs of the group. The flexibility of MTa’s experiential learning kits was thoroughly demonstrated when the activity ‘Cable Car’ from the Leadership 2 facilitator guide was demonstrated over a swimming pool.

The most important part of any experiential learning activity is the review, and after each experiential activity was completed the group spent time around the table in the main room overlooking the sea developing the learning as individuals and as a team, facilitated by Jamie.

When work was done for the day MTa and 5P’s relaxed together as they had done in Dallas (when they first met at the ASTD conference)– though on the beach rather than the dance floor this time.

João reflected on the 5P’s Facebook page, “Two days in an idyllic location, having fun, with an International trainer who became more than a partner.”

What are the benefits of a bespoke workshop:

+ The workshop can be tailored exactly to your needs
+ MTa can come to you
+ The workshop will be adapted to meet the emerging needs.

Jamie says, “Bespoke courses serve a dual purpose: they to help you understand how to use MTa materials more effectively and help your team to develop”

“A bespoke course gives MTa an opportunity to get to know your team better and to build a closer business relationship.”