Experiential training resources for ILM Leadership and Management modules

Are you a facilitator trying to find the best training resources for ILM leadership and management couress?

If so, read on because we’ve done the hard work for you. In this blog post you’ll find a selection of MTa Learning activities that are perfectly suited to deliver a wide range of ILM modules.

We’ve mapped numerous ILM units and learning outcomes with specific MTa activities, meaning you can find the activities and kits that align best with the ILM programs you are delivering.

Below you’ll find information about some of our activities and the ILM outcomes they map onto. You can also request our full mapping table by sending us an email.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

What is the ILM

The Institute of Leadership & Management, or ILM, is an organisation that looks to understand and perpetuate the knowledge, skills, attitudes, behaviours and values of great leadership.

The ILM works with leadership and HR specialists to strengthen leadership programs, with the view to enable employees to develop their leadership competencies.

Their expert tools and resources offer support to leaders and managers who are looking to further refine their skill set, from students and recent graduates right through to established leaders with years of professional experience.

Who are MTa Learning 

MTa Learning design and supply experiential learning tools to build high performing teams, develop leaders, and inspire the next generation.

Our kits and facilitator training give facilitators the tools they need to lead online and offline experiential learning activities.

Experiential learning is an active process that engages the learner, not a passive process that happens to the learner. 

Experiences provide platforms for learning, and careful analysis and reflection develop the learning. Individuals are encouraged to work things out for themselves and are guided to and through their learning rather than being taught.

How to deliver ILM courses experientially with MTa Learning materials

Our experiential learning activities are carefully designed to deliver specific learning outcomes, some of which align very closely with the ILM framework.

As a result, it’s easy to use MTa materials when delivering ILM programs.

Training consultancies like Rock Learning and the Human Network International (HNI) both use our materials when delivering ILM training, a testament to the strength and suitability of activities like the ones below. 

ILM Level 2 training resources

MTa Insights in action

ILM module: 8000-268 – Leading your work team

MTa activity: Taller Stack, from MTa Insights

The task starts simple: build the tallest freestanding stack that you can. But how will the dynamic change when formal leaders are introduced into the teams? 

Taller Stack encourages working with others and valuing their inputs, skills crucial when working as or with a leader.

ILM module: 8000-265 – Workplace communication

MTa activity: Back to Back, from MTa Insights

This one sounds simple at first, too: work as a team to build a model. But how will limitations on communication and access to information affect the building process? 

Giving and receiving instructions effectively makes the difference between success and frustration in this task, one which lets participants practice this key aspect of workplace communication in an engaging setting.

ILM Level 3 training resources

MTa Insights in Action

ILM module: 8602-341- Leading and motivating a team effectively

MTa activity: Led Jigsaw, from MTa Insights

Participants must first work on their own, then come together as a team to build a complex model. The way in which team leaders can communicate changes midway through the task, however.

This shift in leadership demands allows leaders to practice leading and motivating individuals at first, then whole teams: two distinctly different skills that are required for competent leadership.

ILM module: 8602-200 – Developing yourself as a team leader

MTa activity: The Hoist, from MTa Insights

This activity simulates a very high stakes situation! Participants are first tasked with building a hoist to lift a bomb to safety, but as the situation evolves, will they be able to hand over the task to a second group in such a way that guarantees the project succeeds?

Developing as a leader involves leading in different situations, some of which will be more complex and stressful than others. By prompting leaders to keep the end goal in mind and rewarding clear, concise communication, The Hoist makes this development possible.

ILM Level 4 training resources

ILM module: 8605-401 – Planning and leading complex team activity

MTa activity: Cable Car, from MTa Insights

How does leadership change when the people you’re leading are in different geographic locations? In this activity, prospective leaders are given the chance to find out.

A complex, functional manufacturing project must be completed under the direction of a leader who can move between teams, but whose teams are under strict limits. Will the leader be able to navigate these limitations to deliver success, or will they become overwhelmed and derail the project?

ILM module: 8605-416 – Solving problems by making effective decisions in the workplace

MTa activity: Odd Type of Stack, from MTa Insights

In this competitive task teams race to build a precarious stack that conforms to strict customer demands.

 Participants who understand priorities and keep focus on these issues are more likely to succeed: skills which are, incidentally, crucial for effective decision making in the workplace.

ILM Level 5 training resources

ILM module: 8607-401 Planning and leading a complex team activity

MTa activity: Leading the Team, from MTa Insights

For this more advanced version of an earlier module, we’ve selected a task from the Leadership I section of MTa Insights. In Leading the Team, the leader finds themselves in a high pressure scenario where they must plan and manage a complex project, whilst meeting various rapidly approaching deadlines.

Here the challenge is keeping a level head and remembering to focus on fundamental aspects of effective leadership like balancing workloads, coping with change, motivating team members, and assessing risk.

ILM module: 8607-519 Developing teams to achieve organisational goals and objectives

MTa activity: Waste Away, from MTa Insights

Leaders often have to work through others, a dimension that can make leadership more complex and less direct. Waste Away is designed to reinforce skills that make leading through others possible: essential for effectively achieving organisational goals in varied leadership scenarios.

ILM MTa mapping table

The activities above are a handful of many MTa Insights tasks that you can use to deliver ILM courses. 

To get access to our full ILM MTa mapping table, send us an email via our contact page.

Deliver lasting ILM learning outcomes

The ILM is a prestigious organisation whose mission is to understand and enshrine the principles of effective leadership, and our materials have helped many facilitators to deliver their courses in a way that creates enduring learning.

To learn more about MTa Insights or any of our other learning materials, drop us a message on the live chat below or via our contact page. We’ll be happy to help you understand which kits and activities best meet your needs, whether it’s facilitating an ILM course or anything else.