The Learning Arena: our robust methodology for effective experiential learning

The Learning Arena by MTa is a methodology for facilitating effective experiential learning activities. It is a practical model underpinning our approach to experiential learning, which is fundamentally participant focused.

    When does experiential learning fail?

The main reasons we’ve seen experiential learning struggle to deliver over the years are:
1) The activities are not well enough designed to elicit honest un-selfconscious behaviour, or do not focus on the type of learning outcomes required.
2) The facilitator is not aware of the need for participants to draw their own conclusions about potential improvements they could make to their skills, attitudes and behaviours. Or sometimes the facilitator is aware, but finds themselves unable to resist ‘adding value’ by giving their opinions.
3) The process for delivering the activities has not allowed for the necessary cycle of activity, reflection, learning/hypothesis, implementation and testing of changes, followed by further reflection and refinement until valuable improvements have been embedded.
All MTa activities, programmes and certifications provide facilitators and coaches with the tools to take their learners systematically through the Learning Arena process, ensuring their relevant learning opportunities are maximised.
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