Stimulating thought through social media

My positive experiences and challenges faced through using Twitter as a tool to promote thinking

In June 2011, I was persuaded to start writing Tweets for @MTa_Learning. My aim was to stimulate thought about personal development in general and facilitating experiential learning in particular. Since then, the constant challenge has been to make my Tweets concise, constructive and relevant.

Examples are:

+ When facilitating, look for & encourage positive attitudes & behaviours, they can be infectious with others following their lead.
+ As a manager do you support a great technical solution from an expert or an okay solution preferred by your team?
+ Experience doesn’t provide learning, but a source of learning. Learning from experience takes time and effort.
+ Can leaders lead effectively without understanding followership? If not, should we focus on developing followership in future leaders?

Writing the Tweets has been a positive experience for two reasons; it has stimulated me to think about many aspects of learning and facilitation that I haven’t considered seriously for some time; and I’ve had to focus my thinking into bite-sized chunks that can be expressed in 140 characters.

Conversely, the negative has been the lack of opportunity to develop the ideas and implications of many of the topics that I have raised: hence this blog in which I intend to expand on some of the ideas that lie behind my Tweets.