Building a Business Case for MTa Kits

Incorporating a new method of experiential learning into any organisation can be challenging. Whether it’s a client’s or your own. It’s made harder when dealing with a diverse group of stakeholders, from end users to funding committees, from managers to procurement departments. These stakeholders all need to know different bits of information so that they can make an informed decision.

We want to help you to give the stakeholders the information they need by sharing statistics and customer success stories. This will reassure and convince your stakeholders that MTa’s approach will get results.

If you have a specific question, then you can also call or email us and we will help you to create a compelling business case for MTa’s materials.

The first question most stakeholders ask about new methods is will it work? Followed by does it make financial sense to buy this?

Do MTa kits work?

Yes. MTa Kits deliver. 93% of MTa customers interviewed reported that their learning needs were met with an MTa Kit, with the other 7% waiting to try them! Of those 93% all reported a positive impact when participants return to the workplace. Learning sticks, and change happens when you use an MTa Kit.

The kits work because the activities challenge, excite and engage in a way that is relevant to participants.

A deeper level of learning

As a professional, you know how important it is to discuss not just the behaviours but the underlying reasons behind them. The review and debriefing processes the accompany the kits provoke thought provoking discussion, and reflection, and help individuals and teams develop pertinent workplace learning. Almost ¾ of facilitators report that they use MTa materials to bring out hidden issues.

Perhaps that’s why 88% of our customers rate MTa Kits as fantastic!

What’s the financial case?

It’s very straightforward. You get high quality, re-usable innovative, impactful experiential learning activities at a one off cost:

Improved ROI over traditional learning

Demonstrating the ROI of learning is challenging. The impact can be subtle or be influenced by external factors, nevertheless MTa materials have been proven to produce an improved ROI over traditional methods.  One of our customers, a major US telco, conducted a rigorous ROI study on the impact of using MTa activities in their call centres. They found MTa’s experiential approach generated a substantially increased ROI versus traditional learning methods.

Lots of learning activities crammed into every kit

Every MTa kit offers multiple learning opportunities. MTa Insights comes with 53 activities covering 170 discussion topics. Developing many skills with one kit is easy and cost effective. Instead of needing to purchase individual products for leadership, problem solving and communication you just need an MTa Insights.

This saves you saves you money and time. Because everything is in one kit and you don’t need to purchase other tools. An added advantage is, with multiple activities, you will always have something new to do with your participants.

“ The exercises work every time – brilliant! (MTa Team Kit).” Andrew Kerry, The Boots Company.

No license fees means low cost per use

We challenge you to calculate the cost per use of an MTa Kit and compare it to other tools or methods of delivering you might be considering. You’ll be amazed!

Frazer Stark of the MoD  worked it out on a cost per event. “Funds are always tight but if you think about how regularly we use it the cost per event is currently sitting at about £8.75 or $10 and that will only decrease.”

Durable and premium quality

Made from hard wearing materials manufactured in Europe, to European quality standards, an MTa Kit can withstand constant use for years. One kit can last you a lifetime. Some of our customers have been using the kits day after day for years:

“We use the MTa [Team] KIT almost every other day ” Training Department, Toyota Car Manufacturing

We’re so confident in their durability that, just like a Toyota, all the components are guaranteed for 7 years.

Ongoing support from Jamie and Alex

When you buy an MTa kit you don’t just get the kit. You also get on support from MTa. Our senior facilitators are on hand to answer questions about how to run activities, plan workshops or overcome difficulties. Ultimately, we want you to deliver the best learning to your audience and will help you every step of the way. Ensuring that you see the value from your investment in your kits.

Need help building your business case?

If you need help creating the business case for an MTa Kit or in persuading different groups of stakeholders get in touch. We can help you to create one.

You may also find our case studies helpful where we have examples from The Ministry of Defence, Gatwick Airport, Qatar Airways and Stienhoff UK and more.