Transformation of In-House Training at Ooredoo, Oman

Requirements: Ooredoo (formerly Nawras) is a tier one telecom company. They wanted to transform their in-house training and build in-house capability to deliver relevant, world-class experiential learning and development programmes.

MTa’s Solution: Work in close cooperation with their in-house Learning and Development Team to support the delivery of four elements:
1. Training needs analysis
2. Design of experiential development programmes
3. Provision of experiential learning tools
4. Internal facilitator training and development

The final part of the process was an experiential programme for the companies’ facilitators:
Day 1: Fundamentals of Experiential Learning
Day 2: Delivering the Bespoke Programmes
Day 3: Practical Facilitation
Day 4: Handover and Pilot with Employees

1) Training Needs: The initial consultancy identified how and where the organisations’ people could benefit from an experiential approach to learning and development.
Key areas identified included:
+Communication and problem solving skills for customer service agents
+Leadership and management skills for first line supervisors
+ Project management skills for implementation teams
+Team skills and team development for support functions
+ Provision and Design of Training Tools: In conjunction with the internal LD team MTa developed a series of powerful experiential programmes that could be delivered in-house.

2) Experiential Hand Over: An experiential handover programme enabled the companies’ facilitators to maximise the potential of the MTa designed programmes.

The handover was in two phases:
1. Equipping facilitators with the key skills, attitudes and approaches to run the programme
2. Co-facilitation: Co-facilitating sessions to build confidence, practice and test in a ‘live environment’