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  • 53 activities
  • 10 minutes to 3 hours
  • Introductory to advanced
  • Apprentice to executive
  • 5 to 20 participants per kit

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You’ll receive 240 MTa Insight components parts and the facilitator guides, participant briefs and reflection questions for 53 experiential activities. All in 2 smart travel bags.

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Whenever you’d like to run activities that challenge participants to develop their capabilities in a wide range of soft skills. Including teamworking, leadership, problem solving and more…

You'll get 53 activities to develop:


With 18 energising team working activities to choose from you’ll always be able to find an activity that meets your group’s needs. These short, snappy engaging activities will energise participants and stimulate thinking about effective team working. You’ll find the more advanced activities can be used deepen and broaden individuals’ understanding of effective team working. The activities can be used at surprisingly senior levels, and to challenge existing beliefs.


Improve the clarity, conciseness, coherence and compassion of communication with these 7 activities. They’ll raise issues about the style and content of communications, highlight its two-way nature and focus attention on the attitudes that help and hinder communication between individuals and within teams.


These 9 leadership activities will help your participants grow and develop as leaders. From preparing for an initial supervisory role to effectively leading teams across multiple regions you’ll find a leadership activity that will challenge, engage and inform. Participants will learn first hand about the impact of their leadership style on the teams they manage, and what they can do personally to get the best from their followers.

Problem Solvers

What if your participants challenged assumptions, questioned effectively, spent more time defining the problem and left behind pre-conceived ideas. They’d be pretty effective right? These 6 activities that help participants understand the key elements of effective problem solving. By taking part they’ll analyse the way they tackle problems, understanding their blocks to problem solving be it, emotional, cultural or intellectual, and test their new skills in ‘live problems’.


For any team to be successful it must be aligned with it’s customers and stakeholders. The six activities in the Business Priorities manual encourage Participants to practice and develop attitudes and skills that will enable them to be successful in  3 areas that crucial to the success of any organisations: strategic planning, customer and stakeholder orientation and profitable or value enhancing operations.

Decision Makers

These 6 intellectually demanding activities that challenge, question and develop many of the skills, attributes and attitudes required of top performers. These activities encompass some of the more complex and taxing aspects of leadership in business. They are demanding intellectually and can stretch even the most able, helping your best people make better decisions, faster and more effectively.

Ultimate flexibility and endless learning. In one kit

As adaptable as you: Each of the 53 activities is mapped to at least four learning outcomes.

Effortless session planning: MTa Online will take you from activity setup to learning transfer.

Highly engaging: Stimulating tasks generate rich interpersonal processes and complex team dynamics.

Powerful learning reviews: Guide participants through a lively and though provoking discussion.

Real life learning: Link learning back the workplace

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MTa Insights


  • 240 Insight parts in 2 smart travel bags
  • Facilitator guides for 53 activities
  • MTa user license
  • MTa participant worksheets
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