Breakdown silos and drive collaboration. Help teams cooperate with this powerful activity

  • 90 mins to 3 hours
  • Intermediate to advanced
  • Teams of professionals
  • 3-24 participants

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It’s right for you if: You want to break down silos, improve relationships and help people and teams  communicate, collaborate and innovate more effectively.

What’s included: A laptop-sized bag containing 6 pouches of MTa New Dimension components, with enough material for up to 24 participants. Briefs, questionnaires and learning transfer documents are hard wearing and reusable.

When to use it: You are working with bright, professional teams who would benefit from better collaboration and cooperation. New Dimensions suits groups that would value an intellectually stimulating task.

3 phases to enhanced collaboration and cooperation

Establish priorities and challenge assumptions

Small groups organise into working teams to complete a job in the allocated time. Will they be able to recognise priorities and challenge assumptions to meet customer needs?

Interteam cooperation

This phase presents the opportunity to capitalise on other teams’ resources, but only if teams take advantage of this potential change. Will your participants engage in inter-team cooperation to tap into the benefits on offer?

Collaborating to add value

By capitalising on diversity and shifting focus away from beating others, participants stretch and challenge their boundaries (self-imposed or otherwise) to learn the benefits of true collaboration.

Unlocking the power of cooperation and collaboration

Capitalise on diversity: Success in this activity not only celebrates, but requires diversity.

Smooth facilitation: MTa New Dimensions contains all the materials you need to run seamless team development training.

Fun and engaging: By making training fun, participants are more invested in the process, their collages, and the end result.

Ongoing reflection: Participants are invited to stretch and challenge their boundaries, leading to lasting outcomes.

Transformative change: The learnings developed in this kit translate to real, tangible improvements in inter-team workplace interactions.

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We use MTa materials (all of them!)...

11 February 2022

HSBC works in 77 countries and has 10 training centres around the globe. We use MTa materials (all of them!) in a variety of situations: assessment events, small workshops for specific groups, on our graduate training programmes, on foundation and middle management skills courses, in tailored functional development events, for train-the-trainer events in local areas, and for country-level top team workshops. We have also used the kit when working with specific large-scale business issues, such as merging local businesses into regional structures.

MTa staff are our friends – and they are professionals. They have assisted us to redesign set activities for our specific use and have supported us in getting kit sent to unusual places around the globe…timely! They are not only responsive, but proactive in working with us and in anticipating our needs. They even help us to know the most economical ways in which to use their kit!

Martha B. Birtles, HSBC Holdings plc

MTa New Dimensions


  • 6 pouches of components in a laptop size bag
  • Comprehensive facilitator guide
  • MTa user license
  • MTa participant briefs & worksheets
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