Develop leadership and team skills in young people aged 8-18

  • 17 experiential learning activities
  • 10 to 30 minutes
  • Potential x Attitude x Skill → Success
  • 6-24 participants

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It’s right for you if: You work with kids and want to help them develop skills to help them make the most of their potential

What’s included: Two holdall bags brimming with MTa Pass components, a teacher’s guide, and a comprehensive range of worksheets to help with learning reviews and transfer.

When to use it: When you want to run fun activities for young people that encourage whole-brain learning.

Helping young people to realise their potential


Young people don’t always find it easy to be or feel confident. The activities in MTa PASS create safe and engaging environments in which they can tap into these competencies. There are no right answers or comparisons with norms, meaning no fear of getting something wrong.


MTa PASS encourages the questioning, understanding, and application of appropriate interpersonal skills, and the activities provide immediate feedback. This lets young people see the benefits of working together, and improves their ability to relate effectively to others.


To succeed in MTa PASS activities, young people must communicate with each other. These are group tasks in which everyone makes a contribution, meaning that effective communication – whether it be verbal or non-verbal – is a crucial ingredient.


Tasks are designed to draw out behaviours that can be reflected upon and refined. The briefs for students are deliberately ambiguous rather than prescriptive, and requests for further information are met with the suggestion to look inward, or look to team members, for solutions.

Emotional intelligence 

MTa PASS is built to unveil and develop attitudes, behaviours, and cognitive attributes. As soon as students begin to develop their cognitive attributes and use more effective behaviours, they are able to reflect on and assess their personal attitudes towards themselves and others.


A young person who spends time learning to recognise, develop and leverage their potential stands to gain confidence and self-esteem. Supplementing this with guided exploration of attitudes, behaviours and cognitive attitudes leads to a stronger sense of self, translating to increased resilience.

Potential x Attitude x Skill → Success

Tailored to young people: These aren’t simply rehashed adult activities. Each MTa PASS activity is built from the ground up to engage and educate young people. 

Intuitive to lead: Our teacher guides and student briefs take care of all the instructions, letting you focus on engaging.

Irresistably fun: A kid once told us that they’d like to do a GCSE in MTa PASS. What better proof do you need that young people enjoy these activities.

Experiential by nature: MTa PASS activities are experiential, meaning they invite reflection upon which new, self-guided learning can take place.

Transferable skills: Give young people real transferable skills with MTa PASS: ones that will serve them well for years to come.

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  • 2 smart holdalls full of robust components
  • Teacher guides for 17 activities
  • MTa user license
  • MTa student worksheets
  • Access to MTa Online resources
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