Your candidates have a great CV. Now give them an opportunity to prove it. Pick the candidates who will perform under pressure and be right for you

  • 20 to 60 minutes
  • Junior to middle management
  • 6 to 8 participants

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It’s right for you if:

You are an assessor who would like to observe and assess the actual leadership team working communication and thinking skills of your candidates.

What’s included:

160 MTa select components with assessor notes and participant briefs for 8 group assessment activities, all in 2 smart travel bags.

When to use it:

When you wish to gain insight into how people work in groups. MTa Select is suitable for assessing from entry-level up to middle management. Typically used in conjunction with structured interviews case studies and psychometrics.

Hiring people is high risk. Select the best with these 8 activities.

In Adding Value candidates must understand customer requirements, think outside the box, think logically, change and implement decisions. There is an option to introduce negotiation and competition within this activity.


Business acumen

In Name Your Price candidates have to make money by: gathering information, generating and assessing options, making and implementing decisions quickly, making best use of resources, evaluation their efforts. Planning to use time and resources effectively is paramount.


Problem solving
Challenging ‘norms’

Back to Basics is a short sharp activity which demands planning, organisation, quick work and coping with the unexpected, including very different views about the ‘obvious’. At first sight the task looks so simple, but it is so revealing!


Sensitivity to others
Attention to detail

The brief for Tunnels is not easy to interpret. Besides having to clarify their task, participants need to display a full range of teamwork skills, particularly communicating, building on ideas and problem solving if they are to achieve their goal.


Planning and management
Determination and drive

Improving Performance builds on either ‘Tunnels’ or ‘Name your Price’. Improving Performance is particularly demanding because the task is based on developing and exploring ideas, many of which relate to their own, abilities and attitudes.


Self awareness
Empathy and emotional intelligence
Managing ambiguity

In Making a Stand you’ll get to observe candidates real skills, interests and abilities? How can they add value to a business? Participants have to crystallise their knowledge and understanding of themselves, link their strengths together and present their conclusions in a business context.


Strategic thinking
Business acumen
Valuing diversity
Personal impact

Personal Pizzas is a self assessment and planning tool that involves individual and group work. It is designed for use in Career Development Workshops, not Assessment Centres. Through individual and group work, participants gain an insight into their life past and present and use this to shape their plans for their futures.

Just 35 Minutes is an in-tray exercise that uses computer, ‘fax’ and paper. The key is to identify the big issues and avoid the detail – but it’s so tempting! Participants work on Just 35 Minutes as individuals.


Evaluating and judging
Decision making
Focusing on critical issues

Everything you need to assess and select talent

Mapped to Over 100 Qualities: Popular assessment criteria include: Leadership, Problem Solving, Influencing, Managing Conflict, Customer Focus and Decision Making.

Highly Effective:
Giving candidates an opportunity to demonstrate the skills and competencies that they display at work is a highly effective way of assessing.

Easy to Deliver: We’ve already done the thinking for you. Includes comprehensive assessor notes for each assessment activity and a competency matrix mapped to each assessment activity.

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"We’re loving using our [MTa] kit..."

4 October 2022

“We’re loving using our [MTa] kit and creating great learning experiences.”

Open Road Learning via LinkedIn forms an integral part of our Recruitment Assessment Centre.

11 February 2022

We have found the MTa Select an extremely effective tool in assisting us in identifying suitable candidates for the police service – it now forms an integral part of our Recruitment Assessment Centre – and has been well received by our own staff and candidates themselves

Constable John Ritchie, Grampian Police

Unnervingly simple. Incredibly effective.

11 February 2022

Chris Goscomb, easyJet

MTa Select


  • 1 x set of MTa Select components (2 holdalls)
  • 8 x assessment activities
  • Supporting documentation: Assessors’s guide
  • Assessors working documents
  • Example assessment programmes etc.
  • Access to MTa Online resources
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