Develop the competencies that will build our future

Powerful and engaging STEM activities to inspire young people, and to cultivate skills and competencies. Prepare young people for their careers, and prepare them for the world.

  • 6 large bags of robust components
  • 24 fun activities lasting from 10 minutes to 1 hour
  • Introductory to advanced
  • Age 10 – 18
  • 5 – 30 participants

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It’s right for you if:-

You want to want to inspire young people and help them unleash their inner potential, with a strong focus developing human skills in a STEM context.

What’s included:

6 large bags of high quality MTa components, along with facilitator guides, participant briefs and reflection questions. Enough for up to 30 young people working simultaneously.

When to use it:-

These thought provoking STEM activities are ideal in the classroom, youth groups, corporate outreach, at a STEM club, on national STEM day and much more. Indoor or outdoor, anything goes.

As adaptable as you

Each activity is mapped to at least 4 STEM learning outcomes and the STEM Kit can be expanded or combined with other products in our range.

Effortlessly engaging

Our stimulating STEM activities are easy to plan using the facilitator content in the manuals and MTa online. They’re intuitive to deliver, and designed to engage.

Real-world value

From year 2 / 3rd grade to young adult: all STEM learning is designed to be tied back to the workplace and to lasting, real-world learning outcomes

Inspiring the next generation


Careers in science push the boundaries of human knowledge and experience, and lead to the incremental breakthroughs that continue to improve our lives. Use an MTa STEM Kit to develop skills like conceptual thinking, accurate measurement, drawing conclusions from results, and revising plans based on data that will inspire young people to pursue an interest in science.


In an ever-more technical world, young people with an ability to think and move fluently will have the advantage. MTa STEM activities instil skills like using newly acquired knowledge, a positive attitude to change, logical thinking, and others that will help young people move toward tech fluency.


Engineers design and build the world around us, and understanding levers, pivots, centre of gravity and similar concepts is a mandatory part of their skillset. The MTa STEM Kit includes activities to foster these skills, whether creating stable structures that carry a load, using structures as sub-assemblies, and many more.


Our STEM activities teach core maths skills like understanding angles, tessellation, geometry, estimating, linking mathematics with physical objects, and more. By applying these skills in real-world settings, young people are able to make the connection between theory and practical application: a key distinction that doesn’t always come through in the classroom.


Team building equipment for kids should be fun and engaging while delivering lasting learning outcomes. The MTa STEM kit contains many easy team building activities for kids to instil the basics of team working, through to more complex concepts like inner-team working, agreeing on plans and more.

Critical thinking

By teaching young people how to challenge preconceptions and norms, to think analytically, and to take creative approaches to questions, our STEM equipment develops critical thinking faculties that will be invaluable in later life.

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  • 6 x sets of MTa STEM components (6 large bags)
  • 7 x Introductory STEM activities
  • 12 x Intermediate STEM activities
  • 5 x Advanced STEM activities
  • Access to MTa online resources
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